1943 Deadly Desert Cheats To get An Ultimate Amount Of Gold!

Now the time has come to become a respected leader, the second world war has begun and you have a lot of orders to command your soldiers with, your ultimate goal is destroy the enemies troops and to win the war!

The game is free and you can start downloading it to your IOS and Android devices to start achieving your goal, it was published by HandyGames, and finally make sure to follow our 1943 Deadly Desert tips to learn more about your journey, and use our 1943 Deadly Desert hack to get the needed gold to win the different battles!


About The Game!

This is an action game, its talking about the world war 2 and it was between the allied forces and the axis powers, you are going to choose one from these two forces to become the most valuable commander of your army, with the right tactics and the good decisions you are going to lead your nation to victory, and keep in mind that with the inspiration you are going to show to your troops and officers your chances of winning the war are getting bigger , because they will work harder and will exert their full energy on the war, and make sure to use our 1943 Deadly Desert hack to get yourself well armed!


Like any other hard game you need to take the tutorial to understand the game well and to know how you are going to control your troops, at the first tutorial you need to seizure an enemy depot, through that you will learn to move your tank by selecting it and then with simple click on a specific place the tank will move to reach its destination, after that you will spot an enemy camp and you are going to order your tank to destroy their infantry, by selecting their soldiers the tank will start attacking and killing them, after destroying your enemy you will receive some gold and with that gold you can start strengthen your troops.

Another tip you need to start protecting your soldiers you need to build them a boost to take cover from the enemy attacks, after taking the right decisions your battle with them will start, and by winning this battle you will take over their depot and use it stored supplies for your troops or to get new units, by doing so you will be done from the basic training, the second tutorial you will learn the tactical options you have to apply on the battle field , such as setting traps to your enemies by covering and hiding your anti-air, or to use your trap specialist to set traps on the ground such as tank barriers to restrict enemy movement by ending your preparations you will end your turn and will start waiting for the enemy to come, after a long fight the enemy is about to enter the base now another tactical option is available by using your airplanes to annihilate them.

Now let’s get into the last tutorial and it’s all about more tactical options you are going to learn such as putting our units in position start surrounding the enemy and then annihilate them in one swift move, take in mind that if your car as a commander destroyed you will lose the mission, another trap is available here to plant some bombs on the ground to hunt your enemies, another thing to use to hide your troops is the camouflage, start using all these options to set the strongest ambush to the enemy, after finishing the tutorial you will be ready to start your own journey to lead, and finally we are offering you our 1943 Deadly Desert hack so you can get yourself an ultimate amount of gold to increase your units faster and to arm yourself well!

Prove Your Skills Through The Dangerous Missions!

Now the time has come to prove your skills and see if you are capable of joining the battle or not, the game consists of several missions and you need to achieve all to become a respectful general and to win the war, missions such as assault on deep sand you will be ordered to destroy the enemy operations base they just erected, you will to take the necessary operations and lead the attack, the reinforcements will begin with the arrival of shipment of tanks and artillery , you will need to transport them to headquarters further island, by achieving a mission , a new one will be unlocked, also a new maps will too be available and finally more scenarios to watch, and in order to hide the ads are appearing while playing you can get our 1943 Deadly Desert cheats to let this disappear forever!


The Variety of Massive Weapons!

You have too many weapons arsenal to use in here such as:

1-Tanks: An armored fighting vehicle designed for front line combat, with heavy power

2-Warplanes: Used to destroy enemies depots and tanks that lays on the ground to make the mission easier for the your infantry

3-Infantry: And its engages in close-ranged combats on foot!

4-Paratroopers: They can be used as a tactical option, because they can enter the battle from the air to surprise the enemy!

And more weapons the game provides and to unlock all that you can use our 1943 Deadly Desert cheats so you can easily dominate the missions you got.


Using The Best Strategies To Surprise The Enemy!

With the too many options are in here you can select one or more to make your enemies suffer from the variety of strikes you are showing to them such as the massive air strikes to destroy their tanks and infantries with a single loss to your troops, there is another option you can use and it’s the forced march, you can use all the options are given to you to secure the victory to your country, and don’t forget to use our 1943 Deadly Desert cheats to get a countless amount of gold to unlock new tanks, infantries and paratroopers!


Start Using 1943 Deadly Desert Hack To Unlock New Weapons!

After spending a lot of time on missions and to collect gold from the destroyed enemy items , you might get bored of this , but with the our 1943 Deadly Desert cheats you can get yourself too many gold to increase the size of your troops and its numbers of weapons and military options , so you can enjoy the game more, make sure you have read all of our 1943 Deadly Desert guide to secure the win for your troops!