We Advance Emergency


Folks. Some of you have met one or all of us and know our passion and what we do here at We Advance.  As you may have heard, there was a devastating hurricane in Haiti this past weekend. Port au Prince was hit hard and our neighborhood, already the poorest in the Western Hemisphere, is devastated.  The We Advance compound, clinic, community center and children’s play area were mostly destroyed.
This Past Sunday in We Advance Clinic After the Hurricane
So, we asking for your help.  So many of you have already been incredibly supportive and most of you know we serve 60,000 people in our community and we cannot leave our neighborhood. Sammy Sosa and his team at Riverhead Homes have designed a 1000 square foot new disaster proof building to house our clinic child care center and education classes. They are generously donating most of the structure that would cost close to $500,000. We NEED YOUR HELP NOW to raise another $150,000 to begin building immediately and keep our compound open. Any amount will help.
In addition, Milo Nickel and Michael Leblanc of BBG Partners and Hunter Buildings have also, just today, very generously donated a steal structure  for our supplies, most of which have been destroyed. Our board and network are outreaching to all their medical/pharmacy networks to get our supplies replaced asap. Any help with supplies would be tremendous too.  The women’s groups we work with in the country side need these structures as well to replace the small huts they were working out of and are now destroyed.  We need 5 more structures at $7,500 dollars each to accommodate them.

Please consider donating now, and please let us know if there is anyone else/company or ideas you feel might be helpful here. CONSIDER DONATING NOW PLEASE.

Thank you in advance.  Couldn’t do it without you.

Maria Bello, Barbara Guillaume, Allison Thompson, Aleda Fishman, Vivienne Crye, Kate McCloud, Suzanne Lerner, Clare Munn, Gail Slogoff, Lisa James
For immediate questions, please contact:
Cortney Wagler <mbelloasst@gmail.com>
Vivienne Crye <vivcrye@gmail.com>
Kate McCloud <Kate@weadvance.org>
Brittney Marie Melendres <brittney.melendres@gmail.com>