Empowerment Project Update

Good Afternoon Folks,

Dawn Emling was in Haiti in the last few days, and gave us a great status report from the empowerment project that I would love to share with you all! While Dawn was there, she spent a lot of time with Tina and the trainers. There were a lot of details that were discussed. Tina also gave her some thoughtful recommendations. The trainers are completely enthused! They show up early to classes. They wear their We Advance badges everywhere with pride and are so excited to be a part of We Advance.
Dawn said what an excellent manager Tina has been. She is on top of all the issues. She listens to the trainers and responds promptly. She has been keeping records of attendance, and when the classes are occurring. Tina has been sitting in on classes and correcting the trainers as needed to help them grow. During this, Tina has not only coached them, but most importantly earned respect from them.
The students are attending classes in great numbers. With only a loss of approximately 20% per course, considering the environment , that’s not a bad percentage.  Recently we have even had students from other programs signing up to take the 10 class course and paying out of their own pocket. We have stories of students stepping in immediately after accidents and injuries: taking control and saying, “stop, let me be in charge, I have been trained as a first responder.  I know what to do.”  One story had two students (not trainers) stepping in after a motorcycle accident in the street, holding off the crowds and the traffic, while they calmly took care of the victim.
The trainers are egar to learn more, and educate the students about Human Rights, Gender Roles, and GBV ( Gender Based Violence ). The students are excited, and ready to learn about these sensitive topics. Tina and Dawn drafted a pre and post test, to get quantitative proof that this program is in fact improving the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors. Dawn recommended We Advance to look for funding to expand this program, without any hesitation. A number of our trainers could be very good trainers for this expansion. Some are stellar.
Dawn will get back to us this week with a new update on how everything is going. Lets all continue to work together and stay positive!
Thank you,
We Advance Team