We Advance holds Fundraiser at Revel Resort, Atlantic City, NJ

Maria Bello with Doctor Shino Bay Aguilera & CEO Rich Goren of Shino Bay Laser Institute

On Saturday, August 18th 2012, We Advance held a fundraiser at the Revel Resort in Atlantic City.

The Revel Resort was very accommodating & and luxurious. The food, live music and  presentations from our sponsors, Shino Bay and BBG Partners helped to make the night very memorable.

We are also forever grateful to Steve Lord of Valgard Capital Partners, LLC.  Steve is no stranger to philanthropy.  Being a generous person himself, his company Valgard Capital Partners, LLC believes more in the importance of building relationships than building the bottom line.  His company focuses on the added value brought to businesses by helping their clients reach their goals first.  “When our clients reach their goals, we can reach ours”.   Mr. Lord takes this sense of personal responsibility and awareness of the importance of relationship building into both his professional and personal life, which is a very good thing for We Advance.

 With every step forward that We Advance takes, there are sometimes unfortunate steps backwards as seen in the arrival of hurricane Isaac on the shores of  Haiti recently.  With the help of generous supporters, we are hoping to raise enough money to rebuild our clinic and other important areas that were destroyed.
We want to thank everyone for your continued support of We Advance.
“Femmes se poto mitan…..We are stronger together than we are alone”