Bomb Hunters cheats to get in-game money and bonus gold!

The game was created and developed by Craneballs company and it was rated for 3+.

The bomb hunters is available on all Android devices for free but requires only 2.3 and up.

And the game is also available on IOS devices.

If a terrorist plants a bomb in the street you will run into it and try to dismantle it Regardless the danger, this is how addict you will become because of playing Bomb Hunters.

Bomb hunters is a classic arcade game that you will enjoy playing, you will find yourself racing against the time because time here is more precious than gold, so your time is directly proportional with your speed.

You are a member of EOD (Explosive ordnance Disposal) Seek for and defuse bombs, and every time you rank up a level you get a reward by opening 1 of 3 boxes, you can get these rewards easily by using bomb hunters cheats, remember reading our Bomb Hunters Tips.

Compete with your friends through the highscore and leaderboards.

The first thing to put in your mind is that you should move smoothly through the different road barriers like the jersey barrier, different kinds of the traffic barricades, lots of towers and decent kinds building, even there more than 1 type of oil barrels, so don’t forget to use bomb hunters hack to beat them easily and become number one.


Fast is fine but accuracy is everything!

In this game you have to move fast, reach the arrive point early preventing the bomb from exploding, because time is everything in this job.

But don’t let yourself be the fastest one without being efficient, accuracy is as important as your speed.

Play through five different maps and environments.

Bomb Hunter’s graphics and the game design is superb like if you playing in a snowing weather you will notice the ice is failing beautifully in the battle field and as the vehicles and the cars moves you will see their smoke exhaust like if it is real, there is also flying tree leafs in the air when speed of the wind of high, and the soundtracks are awesome as well as the sound effects, you will feel and imagine yourself in the actual field, If you can’t go anywhere further in the game, try using bomb hunters cheats to continue your progress.

The more you go further in the game the more it becomes difficult and challenging.

Eventually you will meet police swat forces as they point their gun with lasers willing to shoot you on sight thinking you might be a terrorist or responsible for these bombing, there are also another police swat forces that will through bombs on you as they see you immediately at you.

There is also next level of throwing the bombs by using US aircrafts that will rain bunch of bombs in the field.


Times is your main enemy, but beware of your whole enemies, there are lots of them!

There are roads and rivers to be crossed as harder obstacles to go through, for the river case it is your choice whether you move forward by jumping over the barrels or walk on parts of concrete or pieces of wood, and in case you choose to cross the road you have to cross it very fast because of the over speeding cars and vehicles, be careful and don’t lose all your hearts but just in case use our bomb hunters hack to get more hearts.

There are cars with normal speed and there are military cars which are too slow and there are police cars which are moving with super speed however you can hear them from their police sirens.


Bomb Hunters Tutorial to Become a Professional Bomb Dismantler.

Bomb Hunters is much more fun while trying to achieve your quests like to become the champion by making new high score or being waterman by making splash 10 times and lots more, to check your quests go to the homepage then click on the quest section and begin your journey.

At the homepage you will notice also icon named Loot in this partition you should open the chest with 5 in-game money or you can use our bomb hunters hack to unlock them.

Bomb Hunters guide is so easy and self-learning, at the beginning when you start playing you will notice at the top of the screen the number of hearts (your health bar) that you have in order to survive because of your dangerous job change to the outfit to get more hearts or you can use Bomb hunters cheats to get those.

Easy and flawless game control!

Very Easy game control with one finger, just swipe and hold!

A pointer I the screen will indicates witch way you should go.

There are indicators depends on how many bombs are there, these pointers will lead you to where the bombs are and they show individually you how many seconds let until the explosion happens, once you arrive just step on the bomb to dismantle it and make it ineffective and useless so you will sit beside the bombs for couple of seconds trying to dismantle it.

Bomb Hunters mini mind games!

Be focused while trying to dismantle the bombs and put the fusses to the correct socket, the best bomb hunters tip is to make a fast decision either to cut the red wire nor the blue one!

There are so much obstacles like drowning in a river or hitting a moving car and much more.

Bomb Hunters Hack will give you the opportunity to unlock new power-ups!

From the armory you can change your outfit through decent number and variety of outfits,

You can be a regular bomb dismantler or you can wear a tux for an example, you can pretend that you are in army, you can also put on your marine uniform or you will try on the outfit that you will find yourself a professional and experienced bomb dismantler.