Brown Dust was made and appropriated by “NEOWIZ” association, and it is available to be downloaded on the Android and IOS stages.

The area has fallen, and the time of unprecedented troopers of fortune at present begins!

You will be given an impelled activity on the battle zone; your focal objective will be in a general sense based on choosing new people to your military.

Accumulate the right resources and amass them to make an as of late upgraded contracted contender, whom is set up to wreck his enemies!

This is a turn-based beguilement, so you ought to prepare for an authentic course of action before even the battle begins. Get the right troopers of fortune for each fight and guarantee that you are 100% aware of their upsides and drawbacks.

Dive through a captivating storyline split into scenes, and the Brown Dust cheats will simply improve the experience much.


Before we dive any progressively significant at our Brown Dust overview, we should need to remind our perusers that the redirection is on the web. You ought to have a not all that awful web affiliation to value playing the delight.

This beguilement is squeezed up with enormous measures of features and you will find the opportunity to use them all as you advance up in the preoccupation. So we have started discussing every part autonomously and help our perusers to have a better cognizance over the progressing collaboration.

The preoccupation will repay you with a couple of things toward the start to empower you to get going.

1- Normal scroll

2- Horseshoe

3- Gold

4- Premium scroll

5- Blue ooze young woman

These things are available for 6 days, so you should hustle a tad and pick them in the meantime by tapping on the get all image. Clearly, these things are not comparable with the Brown Dust hack rewards.

You can moreover check the invariable zone to see the things, which will prop up perpetually with you. You can scrutinize the notice to know the latest changes to the redirection and the best in class refreshes. You can do that just if you were reliant on the diversion.

Chart The Main Features

Lucky wheel will end up open for you multiple times every day, anyway you may use it just once at regular intervals. The Brown Dust cheats will grow the amount of turns to no confinement.

Your military will be full of different sorts of enlisted contenders. These fighters of fortune will come in sort of cards and could be gotten from the store with valuable stones or win them for completing missions.

Deal with the expense of the cost of the most grounded officers of fortune with the Brown Dust hack organization.

Each employed contender will be evaluated in stars system. The more stars the procured trooper is the more grounded he will be.

Completing missions will compensate you with valuable stones. Check the missions summary to ensure your prizes.

Check your letter drop once in a while; you may get gifts from associates or the entertainment when in doubt. They won’t be added to your stock with the exception of on the off chance that you do it physically.

Each procured warrior will go with his points of interest and hindrances, yet you have to know absolutely the powers of your military. Along these lines, we will speak rapidly about the major characteristics.

1- Attack influence will show the aggregate the warrior of fortune can course of action to his enemies.

2- Heart centers shows the prosperity reasons for the trooper of fortune

3- Shield image for the protect system and survivability

4- Dart image for the exactness level

5- Boot image for the improvement speed on the battle zone

Those were the rule qualities; on the accompanying part, we will cover the redesiging system with the Brown Dust hack.

Redesign Your Mercenaries With Brown Dust Cheats!

The valuable stones are not simply used in getting new employed contenders, they are used in redesiging them. Growing their abilities and adding new capacities to the striking aptitudes summary will make you significantly more grounded.

The upgrading structure is following a by and large unique route in the entertainment. You ought to use the Brown Dust cheats to cover the spending level.

Collect the materials required to redesign the warrior of fortune and add them to the update list by then tap on level up.

• Leveling up the enlisted officer will construct the ambushing powers and prosperity point’s number. The properties will see the upgrade controls additionally anyway not as expansive as the past characteristics.

By accomplishing this point, we do understand that you are set up to endeavor up the continuous communication level and endeavor to achieve something authentic on the battle zone.

• Each mission in the fight mode will come in two inconveniences level. Conventional or hard…

You will have a certified shot with the Brown Dust cheats to complete the hard measurement, anyway you ought to secure the crucial capacities first.

Section 1: the standard of the military.

We have another movement from the shopping zone. The client needs us to return some furnished laborers to their town.

Each military will fight you with a particular number of procured officers and a director. The manager ordinarily deals significantly higher mischief and can speak to longer period on the battleground.

• Each contracted officer has his own special favorable circumstances and drawbacks, so a couple of enlisted troopers will fight better against the defenders and others are better on different field.

• You need to examine continuously about your military people to know how they can perform at the biggest sum on the battleground.

Growing the grouping of your procured contenders will be done through the Brown Dust hack as we have referenced previously, yet that is something you have to take for certifiable.

You will be given the control to start the battle, anyway you are not allowed to do anything on the combat area other than picking the fighting warriors.

Which makes you pressing to upgrade your officers of fortune through Brown Dust hack as snappy as possible to ensure your success on the battleground.

Charming Events Waiting For You

Completing missions will repay you with not all that terrible things, it will be predominantly gold coins and in a bad position of the mission was hard, by then you will hint at progress things.

If you anytime got depleted from the battle speed, by then augmentation the speed by tapping on the image arranged on the base right 50% of the screen. It will empower you to watch the pace of the battle fly significantly faster…

Partner your web based life records to the entertainment will help you with keeping all the development data at an ensured straight. You will in like manner have the ability to send sales to your buddies much less complex.

When you advance up in the measurement, by then the time will come to either make or join an association. Having a general public near to will constantly help up your powers and give you a passageway to join the association wars.

• Quick tip: constantly check the event section to consider the current or the expected events in the redirection.

The events will generally repay you with unprecedented prizes and extra experience. You may express that the Brown Dust cheats will be all that anybody could need to your necessities, anyway the events will offer a cool association with everything taken into account.

Brown Dust Cheats

Brown Dust Hack

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