Start Using Brutal Age Horde Invasion Cheats To Get Unlimited Amount Of Gems!

This is an MMO game, it was created and published by “ta4fun”, the release date is 20 December, 2016. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices to become mythical warchief! Get ready to read our Brutal Age Horde Invasion tips we are going to provide to get all the needed information’s about the game, and by using the Brutal Age Horde Invasion Cheats you will be able to get too many gems to use in every battle.

Story Line!

At the beginning Agatha is going to introduce you to the game and with the additional help from our Brutal Age Horde Invasion guide you are going to understand the game more, welcome to Brutal Age! This is an ancient land of fire and blood. Only strongest will survive and rule! Zoom out of the map now, and get a taste of this land, after zooming out you are going to see a big epic battle happens, and after that you will get back to your territory, because your people are waiting. You will see an outpost and you can upgrade it or build more of them to expand your territory, and territory gives us resources and protects us from invasion. Defend it until your last breath! Now let’s enter the city, where our people live and prosper and by putting your hands on Brutal Age Horde Invasion cheats you can get yourself too many troops and increase their numbers to conquer any other kingdom.

Start The Expansion Of Your Kingdom!

Now we need a stronger army. Let’s build a war camp first to form an epic army to beat all the other kingdoms and show them the hardest defeat they will ever taste. To start constructing a building you need to choose a free area to use it, after choosing a specific area just start tapping on build to start building, any building will take time to be completely ready to use, now after our hut were build we are going to train some warriors in that small hut, to start the training session just tap on train and after a few time your warriors will be ready to rule the world, now it’s time to upgrade the stronghold to unlock more advanced buildings, and to upgrade it just tap on it and then press on upgrade, after upgrading you will be receiving some invitations from many hordes. Choose one you like; a horde is a group of people sharing the same belief. Pick the one you like! And as an example the orange horde believes in authority. They unite as one and rule as one. And after joining you are going to receive a welcome gift, anyway it’s a wise choice to choose such a horde. Now let’s fight for the horde!

And the buildings that are important for every kingdom are:

1-Healing Well: the healing well provides temporary residence for wounded troops.

2-OutPost Portal: teleport between your city and outposts on the map.

And by using the Brutal Age Horde Invasion hack you can instantly finish the under construction building so you won’t need to wait more for the building.

New Questing And Campaign System!

Now the game prepared a quest list for you and it’s time to get started! As the first quest you are going to build a war camp, after building you will claim your reward as you have finished this quest, as the second quest you need to train 10 warriors and the rewards are meats, woods and gems, the third quest is to upgrade your stronghold to level 2, now let’s get back to our hut, after building it your rewards will be power points, experience and training capacity and remember the war hut is where your new soldiers assemble, there are also too many quests we are going to mention here such as building temple of wisdom, train 40 warriors, train 20 apprentice, research scout, hunt 1 giant of level 3 and more, and getting the Brutal Age Horde Invasion Hack you can finish more quests and reach more levels and no time by using the special powers you will be provided with.


Get Ready For Your First Hunt!

After preparing your warriors, you will be using the outpost portal to teleport your armies to your first hunt, before invading you will know how is the base production, after knowing that your invasion is ready to take place now, another thing you need to know attacking a player will cause your peace shield to expire, after your attacking and winning you will be starting to get its resources for yourself to increase yours, after winning any battle you will receive some experience and that will lead to the increase of your level, and with every level you get you are going to gain some talented points to use to upgrade your armies, and these upgrades are the Troop attack and it helps you increasing the troop attack, Warrior defense and that helps at increasing the warrior defense, Beast master defense to increase the beast master defense, and the Shaman defense to increase the shaman defense, Warrior health to increase the warriors health, and in order to gain too much experience points you can start using Brutal Age Horde Invasion hack to help you doing so.

Choose Wisely The Perfect Horde That Fits Your Goal!

Don’t forget the game is going to be hard, because the players are also getting stronger and it will be hard to conquer them all by yourself, but getting yourself in the right horde you can call all the members that are in the same horde and message them all to gather and to form the largest army ever gathered together in the history, start chatting together to take the right decisions and to make the right tactics for the perfect attack and to also surprise your enemy by the numbers of you and your friends army, and you can also use Brutal Age Horde Invasion cheats to get yourself unlimited amount of shields to protect your kingdom.

Start Using Brutal Age Horde Invasion Hack To Unlock New Features!

To not waste more time in the game and yet you didn’t get all the needed resources for the expansion for your country, and it’s very hard to collect all these resources in a very short time, by obtaining the Brutal Age Horde Invasion cheats you can start getting yourself a countless amount of these resources such as the Christmas decoration, and construction master to help you at building faster your kingdom.