Empowerment Project Update

Good Afternoon Folks, Dawn Emling was in Haiti in the last few days, and gave us a great status report from the empowerment project that I would love to share with you all! While Dawn was there, she spent a lot of time with Tina and the trainers. There were a lot of details thatRead More

Malibu Fundraiser ~ June 9

Our June 9th fundraiser at a gorgeous estate in Malibu was a huge success. Thanks to everybody who came out to support us and raise money / awareness!  Check it out: Life & Style  Glittarazzi Read more about the fundraiser and see some pictures here.      

Politico Op Ed – Ritu Sharma

Our friend Ritu Sharma of Women Thrive Worldwide wrote this powerful Op-Ed piece for politico in April. Maria was on a panel for Women Thrive and is quoted in the article.  Read it here.

Give Bag

We Advance & Give Bag

We Advance is thrilled to announce it’s partnership with Give Bag! Purchase yours today – they sure are cute and good too! Press release below. INNOVATIVE ECO-FRIENDLY SOUTH FLORIDA COMPANY JOINS FORCES WITH ACTRESS & ACTIVIST MARIA BELLO FOR A GLOBAL MOVEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 3, 2012—South Florida based “The Give Bag” company has joinedRead More

Washington Examiner

Maria was interviewed by the Washington Examiner (click here to read) about her activism.

Maria on CNN

Click here to watch Maria on CNN. She had just returned from Haiti where she was a part of the Vital Voices & Bank of America’s “Haiti National Women’s Conference” and was about to be a panel member for Women Thrive in Washington, D.C.

December Trip with Farouk Shami and the Kardashians

Farouk Shami – owner of Farouk Systems (Biosilk and Chi hair products) generously offered to help fly a plane full of supplies to Haiti in December 2011.  Farouk also donated supplies to our clinic.  You can read more about the trip on the Farouk website here (including a press release about the trip), check out MariaRead More

We came to haiti to celebrate...

Kim Kardashian: We Came to Haiti to Celebrate (Huffington Post)

Who knew a woman who runs around on TV with a gun and another who runs around in heels would have so much in common? We were brought together through a bizzare turn of events, and we discovered our mutual goal of empowering women using our own unique voices. We decided to journey together withRead More

US Weekly Kim Kardashian Gave Back to Haiti

How Kim Kardashian Gave Back in Haiti (US Weekly)

                Forget about her messy love life. Kim Kardashian put the drama behind her for several days last week and over the weekend — when she and her mom, Kris Jenner, visited Haiti for a pre-holiday humanitarian mission. In a new photo from Saturday, Kardashian, 31, and Jenner, 56, look onRead More