The Galaxy is on the very edge of pulverization!

The planetary framework “Apolonia” once thrived with exchange, where all Member Planets – Gaia, Ares, Mercuria, Aphrodite, Cronus, Jupiter and Hades; succeeded in solidarity and quietness. All that finished suddenly with the disclosure of “Rune Energy”, an enchanted power source that has unavoidably smashed the adjust of energy between the Planetary Nations. As the pioneer of the first Gaia Escort Strikers, it is currently your obligation to stop Hades and reestablish peace to the Galaxy!

Universe Guardians is an activity stuffed and profoundly key Sci-Fi Collectible Card RPG with staggering work of art and character outline. Inundate yourself in a universe of interest, as you go from Planet to Planet in an offer to thwart the Hades Military! Enlist from an assorted cast of characters – from the Guardian Priestesses of Venus to the Combat-Proven Mercenaries of the Douglas PMF. At that point fight together with your Friends in energizing World Boss Raid Events, as you conclude the Campaign on the Hades home world!

Modify your Strike Team from a pool of 600 Cards, 3 Combat Classes, 500 Equipment Items and 200 Unique Battle Skills! Develop your Team as your advance through the Main Campaign, various Side Quests and numerous Character-Linked Stories. Additionally use the Reinforce, Evolution, Transcendence lastly Awaken Systems to open your Team’s maximum capacity!



So what are you sitting tight for? Download Cosmos Guardians and go along with us in the experience of your lifetime!


● Competitive PvP – Fight against and tgoether with Friends in Massive World Boss Battles!

● Card Collector – Recruit your Strike Team of Guardians from a different Cast of Characters!

● Immersive Story Line – Over 300 Dungeon Stages, Character Stories and Raid Battles!

● Strategic Battles – Cherry Pick between Team Formations, Equipments and Skills for a Combat Boost!

● Diverse Game Modes – Gear up your group with mines, strikes, and research facility investigations!

● Personal Operator – Choose from 3 Unique Team Operators to help spare the Galaxy!

● Assist your Friends – Support and Receive Assistance from Friends in Every Battle!

● Become the Master – Achieve Transcendence and Awaken your Full Potential in the Battle for the Galaxy!

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