The Monsters are Back! Calling all warriors to lead your country and safeguard your valuable

kingdom! The dull mythical serpent armed force is driven by four in number managers, and you have to secure your domain

also, tower and thrashing the dim enchantment in this epic fight! The associated warriors have just a single decision:

safeguard, guard, protect. Is it true that you are prepared?

The new and updated Defender III is a pinnacle safeguard diversion that engages players with an immense

assortment of enchantment forces and aptitudes to guard themselves from the immense shrewdness. Change scenes from

dim timberlands to snow mountains and battle detestable supervisors.




*More than 50 aptitudes to investigate

*More than 500 levels to win

*Explore every one of the 4 components: Wind, Water, Earth, Fire!

*Epic Monsters sitting tight for you to vanquish them!

*Gorgeous amusement play scenes


*FORGE weapons, update bow or towers to reinforce guard

*MAGIC SEARCH more than 40 mind blowing mysterious forces

*ALCHEMY: finish journeys to recoup mana quick

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