Durango Limited Beta Cheats To Get Yourself Unlimited Amount Of Resources!

This is a MMORPG game, it was published by NEXON Company, it was released 13-9-2016.

Start downloading the game to your Android and IOS devices to start your survival journey, make sure to read our Durango Limited Beta tips to understand the game well before you even start it, and finally download our Durango Limited Beta hack to get yourself a lot of survival tools!

Start Playing With Unique Characters!

Once you start the game, you are going to choose one character from the characters available there such as:

1-The Soldier: and his story was his battle was long and brutal, but memories of his family kept him going. As soon as he look at their faces in that picture, he remembers what it feels like to know peace. And he is finally going home.

2-The Job Seeker: He couldn’t sleep at all night. He need to reinvent his self somewhere no one will recognize him, where no one will know that he is a loser, so he can sleep at night… so he can start anew.

3-The Office Worker: he did it! He landed a big one! Ha, who’s the top dog now! He can’t wait to see the look on bossman’s face when he shove this contract in it. Take that! Time to cut loose and party!

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Game Controls!

After choosing a character , you are going to start dragging your finger towards where you want to go , and to complete learning about the controls, you are going to follow the instructions you are given like walking in the metro to find a place to eat and drink, while searching for dinning car , you will find a girl that looking for her lost necklace and you will help her at finding it , after that you reach your destination , and you will ask the bartender to bring you a soda and a hamburger to eat.

After eating a sudden accident will occur , and you will start looking for the girl you have helped before , while looking for her , you will find a man who gets dragged in and got bitten, finally you are going to get an axe and you will find a dinosaur eating a man , you will start fighting this raptor , here’s you are going to learn more about the controls and how to attack.

Before you get attacked a yellow light will shine from the ground to warn you, now it’s going to be your turn in using a defensive action to dodge an attack , and to predict the dinosaur’s next move and tap before it strikes, after defending yourself from a dinosaur’s attack, now it’s going to be your turn to take the advantage of the opportunity and perform your own attack option, after that you have got to be learned the basics of a combat, and finally don’t forget to get our Durango Limited Beta cheats to help you through the weapons to use in the different combats you are going to have!

Customize Your Characters With Tons Of Customization Available!

To look the way you want to be to start the survival journey you are about to start, and to feel comfortable you can choose the face type, the hair style, the beard, the voice, and finally the colors you want like the hair color, the skin color, the costume color 1, the costume color 2, the costume color 3, the eye color, and finally the lip color, after that you are going to be asked to choose the name of your survival character, finally start getting our Durango Limited Beta cheats to get yourself a countless amount of resources to help you customizing your character!



Survive And Start A New Life With The Available Resources!

After the train accident, you will find yourself on the ground and a girl from this unknown world will find you, and will start waking you up, your health bar will appear and if it drops to zero you will immediately die, so you need the medicine needed to recover some of your health, the girl will ask you to forget about your original world and welcomes you at Durango, you will be identified to your mana bar that helps you perform various activities and can be recovered by eating, now let’s move on about the options you have here, things like  the bag and you are going to use it to carry the items needed for your survival, after knowing about that.

You are going to follow the dog that called pie to reach to the beach and survive the volcano that is about to explode, through that you are going to collect the needed fruits to eat them while the journey, let’s get back to the main story , after that crash you’ve travelled over the time to the prehistoric ages and all you need is to find the other survivors and to live together so you can all protect yourselves from the upcoming dangers, and don’t forget to use our Durango Limited Beta cheats to start constructing the needed buildings in the camp to survive!


Crafting Is A Critical Part To Survive!

Through your journey you will need to craft some items to get over every problem you are going to face such as making a stone blade from the stones around to cut through some planets that are blocking our way, make sure to use our Durango Limited Beta hack to help you through the crafting operations and to get yourself the needed resources that are needed to craft all the needed materials such as weapons to start fighting and killing all the monsters that are trying to get rid of you and all of the survivors!


Start Using Durango Limited Beta Hack To Unlock New Resources!

As a survival open world game, you will need too much time to collect woods, stones and such materials to start building the needed city to get all the survivors together in one single city so the opportunities of surviving becomes real and high, so don’t read to get our Durango Limited Beta cheats to help all those people to get over the dangerous fights with the dinosaurs, and finally to forget to completely read our Durango Limited Beta guide to know what you exactly going to do!