On Christmas Eve, a nerd named Stallone is making the most of his computer game. Be that as it may, a genuine war is anticipating him as he never expects, a definitive manager Matrix is anticipating its attack to human world.

Lattice controls each brilliant terminals on the planet and leads its automated armed force, conveying ruin to urban areas and passing to individuals. With the world is in question, human researchers start PROJECT NOAH in any expectation of sparing mankind. What’s more, the accomplishment of the undertaking relies upon just a single individual, Stallone, the character you will play.

To satisfy Lucy’s heritage, you will lead your AI groups to battle foes through floors. Prepare Stallone and his partners to be more grounded by ASCENDING. Presently battle for the humankind.



Amusement highlights:

– sans hands sit without moving RPG, fight never stops while you are away

– Original story, sandbox-ish diversion world, motion picture like gameplay

– Featured partners to battle alongside fun and energy

– Customize your character with more than 1000 gear accessible

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