Enter the field! Battle as an interplanetary legend progressively 5-minute matches.

Saints are conceived in the field. Etersand Warriors is a MOBA for the two youngsters and experts of technique who appreciate contending continuously. It’s a diversion uncommonly intended for cell phones.

Assemble your squad with warriors from everywhere throughout the Solar System, and lead them into the front line to crush the adversary base. Try not to let anything stand in your approach to brilliance!

Battle solo (1v1) against different players and demonstrate the might of your combatants. Or, then again join a group and battle shoulder to bear with a companion in a group battle (2v2). Build up your technique. What’s more, recollect that a genuine warrior takes everything as a test.

Pick between two control mechanics and pwn your foes. Lead your warriors with an exemplary D-cushion or fight by tapping and swiping with a solitary finger.

Beat fear! Prepare your saints, redesign them for the fight to come and advance through Etersand’s League to show signs of improvement and greater prizes.



Warriors from all sides of the system meet in the field of Solaria, the immense city on Mars, to fight in a severe competition called Etersand. From the electric wildernesses of Venus to the cool tundras of Sedna, the group go to the cruelest and most eccentric show in the universe. Who should be delegated with the trees of triumph? Who will shed tears everywhere throughout the field?


☀ Fight ongoing fights with different players (1v1 and 2v2).

☀ Choose between two control mechanics and appreciate the plan for cell phones.

☀ Choose your saints and build up your procedure in the field.

☀ Train your warriors and redesign them for the fight to come.

☀ Make your way through the classes to achieve eminence.

☀ Connect with your companions and… embarrass them on the war zone!


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