Exiled Kingdoms was developed and created by 4 Dimension Games and it is available for all Android devices with firmware 4.1 and up as well as all IOS devices, it was released at

Exiled Kingdoms one of the most fibulas games you that will ever play, it is an action-RPG single player game; it has a unique and huge map.

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Exiled Kingdoms guide will help you finding who you really are, first you have to create your hero, choose his/her name, and his/her gender, pick his/her portrait, pick the suitable difficulty and classify your hero whether a warrior who will be at the front-line, will be strong and trained enough to hold and use almost every weapon and armor or you can choose to be Rogue that sneaks and kills and can deal a lot of damage and have a varied set of skills, or you can pick Cleric (but you have to purchase it or you can get it with Exiled Kingdoms hack that powerful war-priest can be devastating against the undead.

Then choose the difficulty, the easiest one called Casual as you get fast regenerating life when idle and you can also quick save in dungeons, the next one is the Normal one which is suitable for most of the players and you will find hostile world with dangerous encounters, then there is Hard where the enemies and the traps are much more numerous and stronger designed for the hardcore RPG players, then there is Iron Man (you can unlock it using Exiled Kingdoms hack which is hard but you can’t save except when you exit the game, if you die it’s over!

The last thing to do before starting the game is choosing your points, you have 4 points and 6 traits that need to be increased, there is strength, endurance, agility, intellect, awareness and last but not least personality and you can only raise each one by two points and we will illustrate them one of them.

A Warrior is the protector of his own people and those in need.

This awesome journey has 3 different heroes to choose between them.

First the Warriors, they can be barbarian’s brutes, skilled mercenaries, or refined knights,

but all of them have something in common, they can use the heaviest armor and weapons, they also tend to get into a mess very often, warriors have the highest health among all the heroes, and a decent damage progression, there skills are often defensive, and that combined with their heavy armor that make them able to survive direct continues fights and combats with many evil monsters at once, better than the other do!

Warrior’s health at level 1 is 45 hp (health points) and they have health +6 bonus hp per level, but you can use Exiled Kingdoms cheats to get faster levels, the warriors will need to pay less gold to become knights of the one of the kingdoms.


The Sneaky, Killer Rogue are here!

Then there is the Rogue, when the world is not fair so why should you be?!
Rouges take every possible advantage and avoid all risks if possible, they prefer striking the enemies from behind and when they least expect it, they are also very skilled dealing with the range weapons, that’s how the Rogues like to do their job.

Rogues really know how to hurt the others, they can dish out more melee damage than any other class, and their skills allow them to move unseen or to do extra damage making them very good at killing the enemy’s boss or spell-casters, but they don’t have a lot of health so it’s harder for them to find good armor.

Rogue’s health at level 1 is 30 hp (health points) and they have +4 bonus hp per level and +1 bonus to melee damage increased again on levels 6,12,18 and 24, , you can increase them by using our Exiled Kingdoms cheats.

However, they have +20% chance to perception, +20% to disarm traps and locks and +10% to gossip.


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Finally, we have the Clerics who were chosen by the Three as their priests are powerful individuals, no one knows why, they can heal, cast protective magic spells or smite their enemies with flames, in particular they’re very powerful against the undead, many of them decided to dedicate their lives to serve the Three and help those in need, but the other choose more selfish ways and lived as adventurers or mercenaries, luckily for them the Three don’t seem to mind.

Cleric’s health at level 1 is 35 hp (health points) and they have +5 bonus hp per level, and 12 mp (mana points) and +2 bonus mana points per 2 levels, feel free to use Exiled Kingdoms cheats, legend says Clerics may lose their powers if they defy the Three.

Exiled Kingdoms  Exciting Briefed Story.

The inhabitants of the continent Andoria was united and prosperous under the banner of the Great Empire, as it seemed that their empire would be eternal forever strong and in peace, flourishing in science and arts, but everything has an end.

A century ago the Deep Lords rose, legend said that these mysterious sorcerers came from another world as they opened magical gates and travel through them, the horror occupied and taken over the people, but it just few weeks, the empire was overrun despite all its might, only few thousand survived by sailing away to the Isle of Varannar an imperial colony but a savage and harsh land, luckily the horror didn’t follow, these exiles endured the hardships and to some extent tamed the land as they built farms, villages, cities and castles and they finally became The Exiled Kingdoms.

A century later the empire and the horrors are just fairytales as they are more worried about their lack of work and the empty purse, but the luck has been changed, you received a magical letter from New Garand summoning you to collect a mysterious inheritance, sound promising! But you don’t remember having any relatives there, while crossing the perilous Sagar forest, you listen to disturbing noises ahead of you!

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Easy and smart game control!

Exiled Kingdoms designed to be easily to play, you will find yourself understanding the game controls as you have been playing the game for a long time, make sure to buy the game to get the new features using Exiled kingdoms cheats.

Remember when they taught you to never talk to strangers nor pick up things you find in the ground?, well turns out in this game you can and you should, the best Exiled Kingdoms tip is to interact with the world!