The powers of Darkness have merged upon the last bastion of mankind. Sorcerers, winged serpents, devils, orcs and the insidious like have encompassed the protectors of good and are nearly birthing a period of haziness.

In circumstances such as these, sacred texts talk of a prophesized warrior, one who might show up amid this extraordinary situation to convey want to all.

YOU are that anticipated warrior!

***Game Features***

Hack and Slash

Continuous battle and jerk gameplay present to you a brilliant devour of activity stuffed MMO pretending diversion.




Community Dungeons, 2v2 Arena and Guild war let you realize that you will never be distant from everyone else in this anger tale world!

Stronghold DESIGN

Total remarkable component of the amusement – outline and construct your own palace with assortment of system, impediments and soldiers of fortune to characterize your manor. Assault other’s châteaux to get epic plunders!

Hired fighter

Select and build up your hired fighters with various credits and highlights to enable you to battle to crush your dread and furthermore the insidiousness!


– Four vocations, four fates.

– Skills blend.

– Hundreds of cells are sitting tight for you to investigate.

– New dim world brimming with crack animals and horrible supervisors.

– Nothing could be cooler than riding a favor mount in the tremendous real city.

– Not just astounding occasions however magnificent endowments and rewards EVERY DAY!

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