Galaxy On Fire 3 Cheats To Get Unlimited Amount Of Credits!

This is a shooter game but in the space, it was published by “FISHLABS”, the game was released on December 8, 2016.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices, to defend the galaxy from the evil pirates, don’t forget to read our Galaxy On Fire 3 tips that will help you know the important information’s about the game, and to download our Galaxy On Fire 3 hack that will help you get a lot of credits to get yourself the strongest weapons in the game!


Perfectly Written Story Line!

The Neox sector, a sector far from the grip of civilization, an ignored dark patch on most maps, until someone brought back a piece of Mhaan-Tiq, an organic spore that’s spread through the whole sector, “Glow” as it came to be unknown, it had applications in medicine, the military, even as an energy source, right now, it’s the most valuable resource in the galaxy, the old governments such as the Terran Federation came calling, with them an endless stream of settlers looking for wealth and riches, but it wasn’t only Terrans, The Vossk came hunting, while The Nivelian’s watched and waited.

A powder keg waiting for a spark, it became free men and women standing together against the horrors of the fringes of space, because Neox is a place beyond laws, a place where pirates and warlords rage, the Neox sector deadly and unpredictable, of course that’s why you are here, isn’t it? Now it’s clear that your ultimate mission is to run behind the most wanted criminals in the galaxy to bring peace back to the whole planet, and by downloading our Galaxy Fire 3 Cheats will get an additional help by the credits you will be provided with to help you get the enough credits for your whole journey.


Game Controls!

The control system is easy and simple, all you need to do is to use of your fingers on the down left of the screen to adjust your directions, to look around you and to follow your enemies to shot them to death, and the other finger is going to be used for attacking by using the ship weapons to destroy the pirates, and make sure you have downloaded our Galaxy Fire 3 cheats to get yourself the strongest shields in The game to protect your ships from the massive attacks.

The Sudden Shock!

Upon starting your first mission, you are going to have a little chat with your commander to know more details about the mission, the commander will say that, we have a big one, kid. A lot of important people rendezvous at a conference, discussing the future of Neox, Terrans, Nivelians, Starfire everyone, and that means a lot of security is required and that equals to a lot of money being thrown around. Nova defense, Sentinel and our people are already out there, except for you..Go!, and another chat the pirates and their commander will start speaking with, all major political players are meeting at a conference to talk on and on about how they will exploit the Neox sector’s Mhaan-Tiq resrouces over the next decade.


And if you want to kidnap an important political figure, this is the time and place. So you need to escort the Terran Federation representative, we are taking a secret route. So hopefully everything will start as calm as it is now. Now as you see, your first mission is to escort the Terrain Federation, fight all hostile’s and to keep a low profile and you will be rewarded with 1000 credits and experience points, once you start the mission you will start protecting the conference plane from the coming pirates and you will be happy at the beginning because you are going to stop the first attack and destroy them all, but suddenly a massive unknown attack will happen and all the friendly soldier’s will be eliminated and wiped and a unknown messages will start to be listened and no one knows what is going on, by playing more you will discover more about the game, and don’t forget to download our Galaxy On Fire 3 cheats that will help you repair your ship faster and in no time to begin your next mission as soon as possible.


Form New Alliances!

Because you can defend the whole galaxy and hunt the most wanted terrorists in the universe, you are going to start picking up players that are going to invade the enemies with you and to form the best tactics in the space with your ships, make sure to arm you and your friends well because it’s not going to be an easy missions, and with them you are going to discover the hidden places that are in the map to even eliminated the enemies that are hiding in there, don’t forget to get Galaxy On Fire 3 hack to help you discover more places with the resources it’s going to be offered for you.

Prove Your Skills!

Flying with a destroying ship is not simple, because you need to control all the options are in there especially when there is no gravity in the space, so everything is going to be hard, so it’s the perfect time to show your skills as a pilot and prove they made the best decision that they chose you among all the pilots are available, and by accepting their contract you will kick off and fly high, and with our Galaxy On Fire 3 hack we are going to repair the damage that given to the ship after every battle and increase it’s over all stats.


Start Using Galaxy On Fire 3 – Manticore Hack To Unlock Extra Credits!

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