Metal Squad Cheats to get bonus gold to upgrade your character!

Metal Squad is an action shooting game, you must fight for free and democracy, Metal Squad is developed and created by “Sora Game”, it was released on 16 December 2016, it is available on all Android devices but requires 4.0.3 version, it is also available on all IOS devices, try Metal Squad hack to get access to all the weapons and the upgrades.


Unbelievable non-boring gameplay!

Metal Squad has decent soundtracks and it has graphics that will make you love this game.

Get consequence Combo hits to get rewarded by more gold coins, do not jump into the water, you cannot swim carrying all this equipment’s with you, use shot gun to kill more enemies at once, when you get killed try to survive using our Metal Squad Cheats or you can watch an advertising each time you get killed.


Choose your character carefully!

When you start the game you get to choose between 3 characters, the first one is John D. from USA who has M4A1 weapon, his health is 1000 points, he has speed of 300 points and his jump is 650 points, but all their points can be upgraded by buying them at the shop or you could just use Metal Squad Cheats, the second one called Yoo-na from Korea and she uses the M4A1 weapon but pink colored! But you have to complete level two to unlock her, she has 1100-point health, she also has speed of 310 points and her jump is 650 points. and last but not least there is Dvornikov from Russia, He has a shotgun his health is 1500 points, he has speed of 400 points and his jump is 700 points. but unfortunately he is still under progress and he will be available soon.

Play day and night among 12 different levels!

There are twelve amazing levels in Metal Squad, we will present to you Metal Squad guide for the level to prepare yourself of what is coming after you, the first one is called “Impossible Desert”, and you have to do your objectives, the first objective is to defeat the boss, your first Metal Squad tips is to Save bullets to defeat the boss easily, the second objective completing the entire level within 60 seconds only! And the third one is to complete the level within more than 70 percent of your HP (health points).

There are thirty-five enemy waiting for you then you have to face your boss the Heroic Mech.

In the next level try to rescue Yoo-na to bel able to play with her, your first objective is to rescue her, then complete the level within just 90 seconds, and the last objective is to complete the level within more than 70 percent of your health again, you will face 49 enemies.

The third level is classic name called “kill Em All!!”, your first objective is the regular one defeating the boss, the second objective is to complete the level within more than 50 percent of your HP, the third one is completing the level within 120 seconds!

You will face 32 enemy units and a boss called Air Warship.

The forth level is called Welcome to jungle, then the fight level called metal squad, after that there is soldier of fortune, then the seventh level which is called burn the jungle, then there is Yoo-na return, after that Battle Field, Chase and Destroy, and for the eleventh level named Training Commander and last but not least there is the Cold War which is the most difficult level ever, always remember to use Metal Squad Cheats to achieve the impossible and complete the levels.


Simple and easy game control

One is the best things in Metal Squad is the flawless game control, it is very smooth and easy, you move and also with a 360-degree analog located at the left of the screen, to start fire just tap and hold on the fire button located in the bottom of the screen, also tap and hold to throw your devastating grenades at the enemies, tap on the jump button located at the bottom-right corner of the screen, in the upper part of the screen you can tap to switch your guns and it also tells you how much of left of your bullets, and there is also your health bar.

You can disable the advertising using Metal Squad hack, also you can turn off the music and the soundtracks from the setting located in the upper-right corner of the screen and you can turn off the music too

Metal Squad’s armory has decent variety of weapons.

There is a decent variety of weapons here in the game as you will notice, four different machine guns with special abilities within them, make sure you unlock these guns using Metal Squad hack, the first machine gun has 55 damage points, 120 fire rate points and the maximum capacity ever as the ammo is infinite, for the second machine gun has 100 damage points, 90 fire rate points and 48 bullet capacity, the third is a heavy machine gun that has 150 damage points, the max fire rate points ever and but only has 60 bullet capacity, the last machine gun is a big unique one that has 200 damage points, 85 fire rate points and the  capacity of only 15 powerful bullets.

You can also upgrade each machine gun by buying and improving the fire rate, the capacity and the damage of each machine gun individually by purchasing gold from the shop or you can just download Metal Squad Hack to get the gold for free!


Compete with your friends through the leaderboards and share your score now!

Try to do your best here in Metal Squad to beat your friends and smash their record easily by using Metal Squad Cheats to get all the gold needed to make all the upgrades for all the characters as well as the weapons.