Monster Park-The Funning Cheats Age To Get Crystals!

This is an exploring game, it was created and published by “Yingu Huang” the game was released on 14 December, 2016. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to explore and free the different parts of the map, also using the Monster Park-The Funning Age cheats will help you get a lot of crystals to use on upgrading your Pokemons.




Meet Professor Oak!

Welcome to the world of Pokemon! You will be meeting Oak and people call him Pokemon Professor, and yes this world is inhabited by creatures called Pokemon, you can live and fight alongside these Pokemon comfort, and here Prof Oak will give you your most precious Pokemon, once selected it will become your travel partner, are you ready now to travel and to explore new areas with your Pokemon, get the Monster Park-The Funning Age hack to help you explore more areas and to capture the strongest Pokemons in your journey.



Start Customizing Your Character!

In order to start playing, you will need to select your character and your gender, after that you be tapping on create role, after that you will need to select your Pokemon, after choosing your Pokemon your first quest will be finding Mr.Oak, and after meeting him you will be increasing your trainer level from 1 to 2, trainer energy increased from 60 to 61, trainer stress so you will be recovering 10 points and capsule unlocked, then you will be asking trainer Gary to go with you, so tap the function button to open the menu, now turn on the capsule station and get ready for a big draw! After drawing coins, you will be getting a novice ball it’s a special ball for the novice to catch wild monster with high chances, then you will be drawing from the crystal capsule station, and by tapping on it you will be getting a treasured Pokemon, and with the help of the Monster Park-The Funning Age hack you can get enough crystals to use the crystal capsule station.


Progress Through The Quests To Increase Your Level!

Keep in mind that, you will need to achieve and to get done from the different quests to increase your overall level and also to upgrade and to increase your Pokemons stats, progress in the different quests so you can get and capture the different wilding Pokemons, to add them to your bag and to use them through your journey, also using the Monster Park-The Funning Age cheats will help you get more levels in no time.



The Different Pokemons!

There are a lot of Pokemons to be used through your journey and put in mind that each Pokemon has different base stats from the others so choose wisely your beginning Pokemon to be able to fight and collect the others also read our Monster Park-The Funning Age Guide to know what will be the perfect pokemon for your start, and these Pokemons are:

1-Charmander:  the flame on its tail shows the strength of its life force, if it is weak, the flame also burns weakly, his stats are 37 HP, 15 Attack, 13 Defense, 17 Intelligence and 18 Speed.

2-Bulbasaur: the seed on its back if filled with nutrients. The seeds grows steadily larger as its body grows, and his stats are 39 HP, 14 Attack, 14 Defense, 18 Intelligence and 14 Speed.

3-Squirtle: the shell is soft when its born, it soon becomes so resilient. Prodding fingers will bounce off it, and his stats are 38 HP, 14 Attack, 18 Defense, 15 Intelligence and 13 Speed.

4-Bellossom: Bellossom gather at times and appear to dance. They say that the dance is a ritual to summon the sun


Obtain The Monster Park-The Funning Age Hack To Unlock New Pokemons!

In this game you be able to challenge your friends online, by playing against each other with your different Pokemon so you can prove who is the best amongst you all, also using that will help you get and upgrade all of your Pokemons to easily beat the different players, and finally make sure you have read all of our Monster Park-The Funning Age tips to understand the game before you even start it.