Monster Truck Racing Cheats and get free bonus gold coins for free now!

Monster Truck Racing is a racing game that was created and developed by Reliance Big Entertainment, the game was released on 22 December 2016.

Monster Truck Racing is now available for free on Google play to all the Android devices with firmware of 4.0.3 and up.

Monster Truck Racing is available for free on the Appstore for all the IOS devices.

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Awesome Soundtracks and variety of cars

In Monster Truck Racing the first thing that will distract you and will take your attention is the beautiful jazz soundtracks that will get you right in the mood, with east control just press the race pedal while in air to tilt backward, press the brake pedal while in air to tilt forward, you will find that you can drive up to four different cars and vehicles as the first one is the Big Bubba which you obviously begin with as you make your entrance through the game and make the upgrades needed to win, then the second vehicle is the Staging Red which is more stable as compared to other vehicles, but it needs more power to climb a hill, this car is for 10,000 gold coins but you can unlock it for free by completing rolling hills track three in under 1:30 minute, however you can get it for free as well but by the Monster Truck Racing hack, the next car is the Mup which is a green powerful vehicle with a great acceleration it flies often and comes in 20,000 gold coins but you can also unlock it for free by completing the same rolling hills rush but in under 3:20 minute then the last car is the Bug Ugly which it can compete with any opponent and complete any track and this one is for 30,000 gold coins, however the Monster Truck Racing tips tell you that you can unlock it for free by completing Rugged Mountains track four in under 1:36 minute.


Be careful and read first.

When you first start the game, Monster Truck Racing will ask you to read their three subjects very carefully the first is the EULA which is the End User License Agreement that describes the terms on which Reliance games offers you access to an account to play and any expansion packs not the Monster Truck Racing hack, so by playing the Monster Truck Racing game you accept to these EULA, then the second one that Privacy and Policy that we all know it and the last one which is the Term and Condition as we all know it as well, so tap now on the orange Accept button which is located in the middle of the screen, then Monster Truck Racing guide will tell you that the game requires your permission to read and write to external storage to store your progress locally on your device, so tap the ok button if you agree to that and you do not have a storage problem on your device, the game will ask next for the access of your photos and your media files located on your device.


Login through and connect with your friends on Facebook now!

Monster Truck Racing will ask you to choose between going online and signing in through your Facebook account to save your progress online as well as reaching your friends so easily, however they will not post anything on your Facebook wall as they will give you one thousand gold coin as a reward if you choose the Facebook option, however you can get all the gold coins you need by using the Monster Truck Racing cheats to get them for free.

Make sure to upgrade your vehicle so you can compete.

Frequently upgrading your vehicle will increase its capacity to climb hill and win races, Monster Truck Racing has lots of upgrades here as each one consists of ten levels as we start with the first upgrade which is the engine’s power that gives you more speed and increases your accelerations of your vehicle, it is useful the most as you climb hills and jump of the cliffs, then the second upgrade is the Stability upgrade with also consists of ten upgrades as well, this upgrade will increase the vehicle stability while in are and on ground, so make sure to get the Monster Truck Racing cheats to get all the gold that you want to make these upgrades, then the third upgrade is called the Grip as it increases Traction and transfers the engine power to wheels, then last but not least we have the Suspension upgrade with give more suspension to gain more control over your vehicle after the it lands on the ground, so search for the Monster Truck Racing cheats now to get the enough gold coins to these expensive upgrades or you can get access to the store and purchase the gold coins.


Use Monster Truck Racing to get free access to the store!

Get access to the Monster Truck Racing store by taping at the plus button located in the top right corner of your device’s screen then you will find four different packs and bundles and you have two option the regular one is to purchase the pack you find the most affordable or you can always choose the easy way and Monster Truck Racing hack will get you all for free, the first pack will get you 10,000 gold coins, then for the second one it will give you 25,000 gold coins then for the third one that will give you 75,000 gold coins then the one before the last is the 200,000 bundle which is actually a pyramid of gold coins and last but not least you can buy the whole welding shop within 500,000 gold coins inside, and do not forget the Monster Truck Racing hack for an another option.

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