Oceanhorn Cheats to get free bonus gold coins.

Oceanhorn is a RPG game which you kill your enemies and also solve puzzle and mysteries as it is a complete game from all the angles, the game was released on 15 December 2016 by “FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG“.

The is available on all the Android devices with firmware of 4.1 and higher, the game is also available and free to download on the Appstore for the IOS devices.

Make sure to purchase and buy the full version or just use Oceanhorn Cheats to get it for free to unlock all the levels and the rest of the quests and enjoy the game till the maximum.


The best intro ever!

A wonderful start of the game with beautiful piano and very good it is not enough for the awesome soundtracks that were composed not by one composer but by three composers and their names are Nobuo Uematsu, Kenji Lto the second one and the last one is Kalle Ylitalo, that will tell you how great the game is, that will keep you right in the mode, then the Oceanhorn tips tell you to double tap to start the game.


Control your graphics and the game’s FPS

you will feel like playing a computer game (PC game), or a console platform game (whether PS4 or Xbox1), because you can control your graphics through the setting adjustment menu, you can now control the FPS (frame per second) limit by tapping it to change from 60 FPS to 30 FPS and you will find that at the bottom and in the middle of the screen, make sure that you purchase the full version of the game because the trial version has only one level to play, however you can get the full version via Oceanhorn hack, you can also change the graphics quality through the same menu by tapping at the Gfx quality high low change it from high to medium or even low and you can locate that at the bottom left corner of the device’s screen.

Then the Oceanhorn guide will tell you to restart the game because this change will only take effect after restarting the game, then at the bottom right corner of the devices screen you will find a like button which will transfer you automatically into the official Facebook page of the Oceanhorn to communicate with the other global fans online and to know the updates that will come and help each other’s to get the Oceanhorn hack and to discuss the game issues with the other competes, the last thing you need to know that you can cloud save online now.


Oceanhorn storyline.

Oceanhorn starts with the kid having a message from his father that he left him in the middle of the night and the message was “I am leaving tonight kid and I am not coming back kid, my fate is tied to a monster from the depth of time and I hear it is horrible sound echoing from the sea and it is coming for me again, whatever happens next, I am not going to lose you like I have lost your mother, I left her necklace for you to keep it safe, this necklace is the last thing of her so keep is close and guard it well, I will give you my old note book from my travels, it will guide your way to an island of my friend, he will help you to prepare for what is coming.

Collect all the keys that you will find on way through your journey to open the chests that you will find, find and kill your enemies to get bonus gold and more experience points needed to level up your hero or by using Oceanhorn hack to do that without getting tired of searching and to help you to save your time if your time is precious although you want to play the game but fast enough to enjoy and discover and complete Oceanhorn, so make sure the you buy the full version instead of the trial one to play the full game or you can get the full version by getting access to the Oceanhorn cheats and to be able to unlock the full version bundle for free now.


Easy game controls of your life.

The controls here in Oceanhorn is so much easier than any other game and much smoother as well just slide and hold your finger to move and run across all the device’s screen says the first sign that you will see, you must use Oceanhorn cheats to get more of these signs which are very important, tap the map which is located at the upper right corner of the device’s screen  to check on your current level as well as your experience points and your challenges and also your items and your spells as well as the quest items, the flashbacks, the settings, the achievements, the leaderboards and the title screen (the home screen as it is the exit button), so as you see there are a lot that you can do by tapping only on the maps button so imagine what is in the rest of the game, it is really magnificent, and tap on the red button located in the bottom right corner of the device’s screen.

Follow the instruction for the optimum results!

Follow the game instruction for the best performance, there are lots of sign and instruction in the game so far, as the first one which I have mentioned earlier that says slide your finger to move, then there is the second one which says pick up a jar with the action button, then there is the third sign which tell you that the mini map may reveal secret as I mentioned the mini map contains lots of thing that you can do


Use Oceanhorn hack to restore your health in order to play!

Kill your enemies through your journey by taping the device’s screen so fast before it hits you and decrease your health, as you begin with five hearts as your health bar so make sure you increase your health when you get hurt by using Oceanhorn cheats.


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