The depiction of Onmyoji:

【Game Introduction】

A great many cherry blooms, hundred apparitions story, and wind dream RPG, open the tasteful dream trip!

This story, happened in the time of co-

presence of peace … … initially have a place with the black market of the evil spirits and creatures, covered up in the revulsions of individuals in the entrepreneurial development, now and again to make an unusual mobs, Yang division arrange unsafe, luckily, the world has a gathering to know the stars Positioning, painting mantra, you can likewise cross the yin and yang two circles, and even command the energy of the protoss. They are doing their best to endeavor to keep up the harmony between the two circles of yin and yang, the world is known as – Onmyouji.

This is made by the hundred apparitions woven into the sumptuous world, will soon be before you gradually .



[game features]

– creature legend, the breeze trip: drawn from the Japanese society exemplary beast legend, incarnation of the yin and yang division Ampere Looking for clean

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