Clear straightforward journey and procure gold.

Level up Mercenaries with gold and clear stages!

Gather different Mercenaries and Items!

Challenge every day missions!

On the off chance that the stages gets hard, [Reborn] to get more Mercenaries or Level up Specialties!


– A sit out of gear diversion that gets more grounded naturally!

– Clear Quests effortlessly by simply tapping the catch!

– Reborn and get more grounded!

– Over 100 Characters!

– can play even without system!

– underpins tablet screen

– bolsters 14 dialects

Enter the Different Dungeons and Earn More Gold.



There are a considerable measure of prisons in this diversion, every one will give you a ton of gold to have the capacity to wind up noticeably more grounded in the amusement, those cells has particular levels to be entered, and these prisons are:

1-Earth Dungeon: and it just obliges you to be at level one to enter.

2-Lv 2 Earth Dungeon: this requires from you to be at level 300 to enter it.

3-Lv 3 Earth Dungeon: you should be in level 600 to enter it.

4-Lv 4 Earth Dungeon: you require level 900 to enter it.

So make a point to prepare yourself well and enter the diverse cells to win more gold and to have the capacity to vanquish the most grounded managers of the amusement.

Open the Different Skills by Using the Portal Knights Dark Chaser Hack.

In the event that you can’t arm yourself with the most grounded weapons of the diversion, on the off chance that you can’t enlist enough hired fighter to your armed force to annihilation the majority of your foes, in the event that you can’t open the distinctive cells to get a considerable measure of gold, utilizing the Portal Knights Dark Chaser hack will dependably furnish you with the enough measure of precious stones that will help you redesign your weapons and get enough armed force.

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