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A hilarious video of an animatronic toucan firing off profanities is just the latest example of the growing concerns roughly Bluetooth-connected childrens toys.

Security researchers at Pen test buddies have demonstrated how the Teksta Toucan manufactured by toy-maker Genesis can easily be taken beyond by hackers to affect audio and even snoop on your home.

The team highlights two methods that could be used to carry out an offensive and, one simply requires pairing it in the same way as a Bluetooth audio device.



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The Teksta Toucan is designed to interact subsequent to kids; it can crack jokes, do impressions, and respond questions. But, a hilarious video of the toucan firing off a tirade of profanities is just the latest example of the growing concerns very nearly Bluetooth-connected childrens toys

The Pen exam team tried out two alternative methods to gain permission to the Teksta Toucan.

In the easy one, they handily paired it to a Bluetooth audio device such as a laptop or smartphone.

Then, they streamed the audio through.

In the second, more complicated method, they extracted the toys Android package to alternating out the mp3 audio files.

By pretend this, a potential hacker could simply change the mp3 to a sweary one of your choice.

Genesis has come below flare numerous time in the recent when for toys that could potentially spy upon kids and their families.

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