2Guys X Zzoo`s New Game “REDMO”!

Shield yourself from flying adversary.

Encompass your foes and make them your shading

You can feel immense crash with basic control.

pulverize more adversaries with your effective character

you can update your character all the more capable , more fabulous

Addictive Arcade Game “REDMO”



The leaderboards system is related with each mission which infers that it is an astoundingly single mode that will be discovering your execution and score and place it in examination with interchange players from wherever all through the world, and if you have related the diversion so far with one of your web based systems administration accounts, by then the test may be taking another way, which is fighting with your friends to exhibit to them who has the most lifted bent in REDMO.

Furthermore, in case you have thoroughly enjoyed the preoccupation up until the point when this point, by then don’t defer to give it a not all that terrible assessing as it will achieve a developing in the entertainment gathering and help the creators to be impelled and apply more avant-garde updates and changes to the redirection a significant part of the time.

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