Rooster Wars Cheats To Get An Ultimate Amount Of Gems!

Have you ever wondered how does the roosters live together, this RPG game will show you how do they live , how do they fight each other and finally how are their battles look like, your ultimate goal is to grow your rooster up from the battles you are going to enter, start downloading this game to your Android and IOS devices , it was published by” Medrick FZE” ,and make sure to read our Rooster Wars tips to win more battles, and use our Rooster Wars hack to get yourself the needed gems to get yourself the most useful items in the game!


Join The Roosters Life!

Do you want to be a legend in the rooster land? Start strengthen your rooster to begin your journey of travelling to the different places on the map and fight the bandit roosters to bring the peace back to this world, they will be hiding in every corner in each place you travel to, your goal is to get them all, finally start downloading our Rooster Wars cheats to get yourself a countless amount of gems to use for upgrading your rooster to spread the peace!


Once you start the game you will need to create your new rooster, by choosing one of four races out there Cyborg, Lari, Japanese and Western everyone has an advantage over the others such as:

Cyborg: Unknown well-armed roosters or robots? We call them Robo-Roosters!

Lari: Experienced in war and strong in battlefield!

Japanese: They are fast, just like their great eastern ancestors!

Western: Western gunslingers who fight charismatically!

After choosing his race, you will write down your rooster name after that , your adventure time has begun, and will start to your first battle by pressing on campaign, after you win a fight you will get yourself some gold so you can buy from the nearest shop in this land the weapons you need to be equipped to your rooster so you can increase the damage of your every hit, at the store you will find a bunch of cool weapons such as, knives and claws, bats, spears, bows and pistols,  there are also health potions so you cover some of your health while the battle .

Ok now it’s time to know your rooster even better, there are numbers is to show your rooster different attributes, everyone has its special effect in battles, there is also a yellow star that shows your rooster’s score, the higher this number , the more you are well-known among the other hunters!

There is an option right there to get revenge of an opponents if you got defeated by them, you can start adding them to your friends to revenge back or to form a good alliance between you and them, you can also get our Rooster Wars cheats to get yourself unlimited amount of health options to heal yourself during every battle!

Start Customizing Your Own Rooster!

After choosing your race, you are going to customize the rooster you will fight with, doing so will allow you to let it look the way you like most, the customization options available there are your rooster color, their eyes, their noses and his feathers, and don’t forget to use our Rooster Wars hack because with just simple clicks you are going to get yourself the most dangerous weapons in the game to use during your battles to damage the enemy rooster more!

Start Battling Online Hunters!

Did you think that you are the only hunter?! There are a lot out there waiting to fight each other to see who is the best and the king among all of these hunters around the world, you can also form an alliance with the good players you will find while battling online, all you need to connect your device with the internet, and also don’t forget to get our Rooster Wars cheats to unlock strong weapons to use for beating everyone in the roosters land!

New Questing System!

As any game, you are going to get some quests to achieve and of course you will get rewarded after each quest with some gold and some quests rewards you with gems  , there are two kinds of quests , the daily quests and the special quests , the special quests such as Win in the online mode , collect 3 stars in story mode, win in clan wars against opponents , buy gems and to level up , the daily quests such as fight in the online mode, fight with friends, use energy, repair items and to use equipment’s in fights  , with the gold you getting from the quests you can arm yourself to get more score more than players around the world so you compete in the leading board, and with our Rooster Wars cheats so you can achieve too many quests without spending a lot of time on them!

Start Using Rooster Wars Hack To Unlock New Features!

There are a lot of things to get with gold to arm yourself and to have a good defense, but it will take time to get all the gold needed to do so, you can get yourself the strongest armor in the game or weapon and the Easter egg you can use to try your luck and to win awesome items every 24 hours there will be new Easter egg available, there are also some spells to use in each combat such as the flash lightning, bat, iron fist, thunder mask, shuriken and the dynamites ,to get yourself strong armors you also need to play more to increase your level because each armor has a specific level to wear it, and armors such as, light leather armor , elite ninja armor , light cyborg armor and more to get and surely each armor needs a specific amount of gold but with our Rooster Wars hack you can unlock all these features to use you can also get yourself an ultimate amount of booster packs to double the Experience you gain, and finally make you have completed reading our Rooster Wars guide to understand the game well!