The telegram will be indicating that there was a deception named Grindor, but he was unlike any other deceptions that you have ever encountered in your entire life, this deception is completely from another reality and world so it seems that there will be many troubles coming along with him so get yourself ready with the Transformers Forged to fight Hack and obtain the latest and strongest gears available out there to add them to your arsenal of Autobots before it is too late and the deceptions are coming in arms to spread chaos and destruction to every part of the planet.

Now keep moving forward with Optimus Prime form one spot to another in order to secure out all the entrances from the deceptions and now we getting into the second fight which is taking place against the BUMBLEBEE in yellow and black color that has a 75 overall power and this part will be explained later on with more details but at first before the battles starts make sure you selecting your own BOT remember that the both BOTS you have are similar in the attacking power but they just have different attacking mechanism and style.

Understand Your Special Abilities and Use Them for Your Own Advantage.

remember that the special attacking skills will not be blocked under any circumstances so once you are getting closer to destroy your opponent and he is taking his defensive position and blocking all the incoming attacks make sure that you are saving for the special combo to use it at the right time and break through all his defenses and once the battle is over finally you could be checking out on the rewards that you have received and how big they are is something coming back to your own performance in the combat and also the battle difficulty is playing a major role in such a thing.

check on the battle stats to see the amount of the successful hits you have delivered to the opponent and compare it with the hits you have received so far such a thing will help you to improve your skills and combat styles as your aim should be always receiving less and sending out more hits to the enemy target and in order to achieve the perfect combination that we have just mentioned here remember to use the Transformers Forged to fight cheats as an item that will be providing you with all of the necessary items in order to complete this formula.

Fastest Ways to Earn Crystals.

There are several ways to earn crystals and we have mentioned some of them earlier over here but remember to pay a visit to your base and claim your own free crystals from the factors, and also in order to increase a Bot level and that is simply going to result in an increase of all its powers and abilities make sure you are infusing the Gold and ore together or maybe get the Transformers Forged to fight Cheats and save yourself the effort.