Smashy Road Arena Cheats to unlock new cars and weapons and save your money!

So here we are again after the magnificent Smashy Road Wanted, we happily announce that Smashy Road Arena is created and developed by “Bearbit Studios B.V”.!

Smashy Road Arena is now Available on all the Android devices, it requires a firmware 3.0 version and up, Smashy Road Arena is also available on all IOS devices, use Smashy Road Arena hack to get new cars paint them with a suitable paint.


Smashy Road Arena has decent variety of cars.

In Smashy Road Arena there are a lot of cars waiting to be unlocked, the game has over thirty different kinds of cars, you can unlock instead of purchasing them using Smashy Road Arena hack, the first car that you begin with is called Mr. mini, the second car is called Bluebie and its default color is white, the third one is also white and it’s called Orange! Then the fourth one named Anonymous and it’s similar to the Jeep Wrangler, the fifth is called Pickup Truck and it comes in white, then the sixth is called Hot Rod and it comes in white.

The seventh car which called the Bling and it is a real fancy car, the eighth car is called Rally Man and it is a racing car, and there is ninth which is called The Pro it’s unique and you will never see a car like this ever again, for the tenth car we have the Roadrunner which is super racing care, the eleventh car we have the Microbus of course to smash the other cars, then we have the family car for the twelfth, the car number thirteen is called the Classic Car, and for number fourteen we have Blit2bot 3000, then fifteenth car is called the Doge with is actually looks like a dog and it’s so funny to look at, it will distract the other while you smash them and it comes in black and white.

All the previous cars are ranked as common cars which you can be easily get from the gifts, for the car number sixteen we have the Speedy car which flies in the road and it is the first rare car, then we have the Rugged which is a rare car for number seventeen, the fancy Limousine comes in number eighteen which is a rare car and it comes in black and white as well, the nineteenth there is the Swagmobile which is a rare car, the twentieth car is called the Camper which is a rare car and it is a devastating car, Mr. Massive which is a rare car comes in number twenty-one, then we have Drag Racer which has huge speed when it moves in straight lines but it is an epic car which can be hard to get through the gifts so you have to purchase it or get it using Smashy Road Arena Cheats to get it for free.

Enjoy Playing With Extra New Cars!

Then we have Wannabe Hover which is an epic car which looks like a boat more than a car! For number twenty-two, then there is the 4 X 4 which is an epic car which comes in white for number twenty-three, then the weird Alien car which is an epic car and comes in number twenty-four, the car number twenty-five is called DR Drift which is an epic car which obviously is so good in the drafts, then we have the Tank Destroyer which is the first legendary car that is so hard to be dropped by the gifts so you have either to purchase it from the store or to use our Smashy Road Arena hack to unlock it for free, it destroys the enemies with it for number twenty-six, then there is the formula F1 which is also legendary and has super amazing speed for number twenty-seven, the Red Rare for number twenty-nine, then finally the thirtieth car the Moneyman which is also legendary and takes bonus money when you collect them in the roads.


Avoid the obstacles, and remember fast is good but accuracy is everything!

Try to move it straight lines and long curves, be careful and try not to hit the obstacles which there are many of them in field, there are regular police cars, swat police cars, US army tanks, army jeeps and the FBI, if you fall in river, you are doomed so take attention and look it the mirrors, take care the most of the moving trains because they can will cross over you.

Smashy Road Arena has a very easy control.

Just follow Smashy Road Arena guide and just tap to start moving and swipe to the left or the right to turn your car with the easiest way to drive!

The sound tracks are amazing just turn on your radio in your car and enjoy they music.

Customize your car and be a pretty and deadly car as well!

Look for your best color that will match your car, choose among the huge pack.

There are common colors that can be dropped easily from the daily gifts offered by the game like Orange, Strawberry Red, Hot Pink, Magenta, Purple, Groovy Blue, Marine, Sky, Grass Green, Leaf Green, Light Grey, Light Grey, Metal, Dark Grey and the Stealth.

There are also rare colors that can be dropped or you can choose the easy way to get them using Smashy Road Arena Cheats and the rare colors are the Olive, Rusty, Cherry Red, Magic Pink, Ocean Blue, Ice Blue and the Swamp Green, and there are the epics like the Ice Army, Jungle Army, Snow Army, Dessert Army and the Pink Army, and last but not least there are the legendary ones and they are very hard to be dropped so you don’t have a choice either than using our Smashy Road Arena Cheats to get those like the Hot Chilly, Checkered Yellow and the best of all the Rainbow painting that will get all the attention.

Upgrade your weapons now using Smashy Road Arena Hack and get the most terrifying weapons for free!

The game has so much weapons so choose the best for you and more style that go with your car style, there bunch of common weapons like the Orange Gun, the Laser and the Water canon to make your enemy drown, and there are the rare ones like the Oil Canon, Snow Cannon and the Hearthless, there are the epic ones as well like the Electric Gun and the Flame Gun, and for the last there are the legendary one that you will have to get it through our Smashy Road Arena hack which is called the Banana Launcher witch is the most power weapon in the game so far!

Smashy Road Arena’s Online available now!

The game is so much fun to play against real people than against the AI (Artificial intelligence) bots, just bomb and destroy their cars and be careful not to destroy yours by hitting it too much.

Be the first to play it and compete with your score and your stats among your friends and also among the whole world through the leaderboards.