Successes To Date

  • In February 2012, Maria Bello became a Vital Voices Global Ambassador, allowing the organization advocate for women on an even larger level — locally, nationally, and internationally for social, political, and economic empowerment.
  • Maria Bello initiated the Gender Champions Program at Clinton Global Initiative, bringing Haitian women’s voices to the conversation about the reconstruction of Haiti.
  • We see between 80-100 patients a day with about 60-70 seen in clinic. That’s approximately 20,800 – 31,200 patients a year!
  • The health outreach program reaches 6,240-10,400 clients a year.
  • The structured children’s activities provide156,000–208,000 structured hours per year.
  • Adult English classes total 26,000-39,000 hours a year (of the first 48 graduates in September, ½+ have had job interviews and 8 have gotten their first jobs, ever.)
  • We conduct prenatal clinics once a week with an average of 100 patients. Sonograms are provided: often the first time expecting mothers have seen or heard their babies.
  • “Worm, Vitamin and Prenatal Day” brings nurses into community homes to treat children and women.  We have provided breast-feeding clinics for 30 participants.  We have given over 300 condoms to men in one week alone. Most recently we provided children with lessons on dental care, particularly with toothbrush and paste.
  • 50 men and women selected for ongoing training to identify PTSD and give basic treatment.  Dr. Nancy completed session 2 of our PTSD seminars and conduct the trainer courses for 53 trainers.
  • Our interactive English classes are held 3 times a day x 3 days a week and with a waiting list of over 100 women and girls.
  • We provide lessons in sanitation and trash clean up day once a week that also focuses on recycling.
  • Mapping and surveying services are conducted with 20 women volunteers and coordinated by a PhD volunteer.
  • In one week we had about 150 people attend our cholera prevention classes who received cholera prevention kits.
  • We are developing a Hypertension and Diabetic program and have received glucometers to test sugar levels.
  • We are in the processes of receiving donations for a new community center.

Long Term Hand Over: We have initiated our mentoring program with key staff members to be trained to take over operations as our exit strategy dictates.

Kids in Haiti