< Summoner: Awaken> is utilizing a best level motor to construct an epic enchantment MMORPG versatile diversions! 360 degrees of full range vision, top nature of IMAX 3D, ultra high level of flexibility amusement encounter, innvovative gameplay, present to you an extreme MMORPG. Wake up, gatekeeper! Take your accomplice on an awesome adventure to break the haziness and bring the light!

[Game Features]

l Six epic occupations

Knight: Sword and shield, high safeguard, high HP, the best man in cells attack!

Mythical beast Mage: Distortion aptitude, allowed to control components, a wide range of BUFF, most invigorating gameplay!

Enchantment Swordman: The incredible swordsman who ace enchantment and kendo, 1 cut of sword, everything on eath shriveled!



Guns Master: Good at utilizing guns, exact shooter, one of a kind repulse aptitudes, difficult to approach!

Shadow Assasin: Wielding twofold blade, high touchy power, deftness aptitude, the best at murdering foes!

Soul Witch: All-rounder, charming structure, a lolita who will turn the world!

l Top nature of IMAX 3D

360 degrees of full range vision, IMAX review picture, top notch dynamic lighting, ravishing embellishments abilities, join with substantial world guide, constant day and night framework, present to you another visual happiness.

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