◎Game Intro◎

Sword Fantasy Online is another dream RPG joins the beguiling anime workmanship style, energizing arcade battling, and social of online MMORPG amusements with lovely illustrations and immersive gameplay.

Including an imaginative single hand signal control framework, each fight is a joy. Be a mage or knight, lead your gathering of legends into many supervisor battles. Frame your group strategically, take in supervisors’ assault designs, timing your enchantment or sword craftsmanship to accomplish triumph!

After you clear a phase, you can utilize Raid capacity to immediately get plunder from it a specific measure of times day by day. We guarantee it’s intended to be all activities and fun without the crushing of conventional MMORPG!

There are significantly more to do in this dream RPG other than battling. Visit with companions, join families, play small amusements, or simply go treasure chasing in your extra time!

*Casual diversion player inviting, each legend can be acquired just by playing the game.*



*No Ads*

◎Game Features◎

⚔️Single Hand Arcade Style Actions⚔️

You can control your activity saint to assault, evade, run, dash and utilize abilities like in an arcade activity RPG. It’s hugely fulfilling when you combo sword craftsmanship that thumps foes into the air at that point take after with a whirlwind of strikes to decimate them!

The imaginative motion control framework is super responsive, it let you play and appreciate the aptitude based arcade battling with only one hand! You have the opportunity to play anyplace, be it remaining on a transport or on a metro prepare.

👯Beautiful Art Anime Girls and Heroes👯

As an anime MMORPG, you will meet and lead many anime young lady legends. Every one has her own experience story and one of a kind abilities. We have the coolest movement impact on every aptitude cast, while the movements of every anime young lady are deliberately created and drawn. You can see every young lady’s movements plainly from strolling, hopping and swinging her weapon. Become acquainted with them and change your group to suit diverse circumstances is the way to triumph! On the off chance that you like JRPG amusements or anime activity recreations, you will appreciate it.

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