Subduing a stray feline for Android is a fun application in which clients need to attempt to tame a stray feline. Do distinctive errands, give the feline nourishment, with the goal that he comprehends that you are not unsafe and attempt to pat it. At first, nothing will work, yet after some time, a wild feline can turn into your pet, which will satisfy the fundamental character each day.

Designs and Gameplay:



The graphical shell of the application is exhibited in an interesting drawn style, everything looks cool and is loaded with numerous splendid hues that make a satisfying picture. The diversion procedure is to perform errands, buy different things and agreeable a feline. Figure out how to influence the little cat to quit fearing you and make it always remember you.


A stray feline is sweet and charming however absolutely meticulous, so any easily overlooked detail can make her flee

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