Tap Heroes discovers you focused in the landmass of Mystia where saints assemble, In Mystia, a heavenly sword which conveys the energy of creation has been found by Freya, the ruler of damnation. Subsequently, Freya has plans to misuse the energy of the heavenly sword and assume control over the world. The Alliance knights in their palaces, the Horde warriors in their caverns, the Elven mages in their backwoods, the Undead spirits in their tombs, and the Holy creatures in the sky, all start their trips to discover the energy of creation.

Together with more than 200 saints crosswise over six distinct groups, you too end up on a journey to locate the sacred sword and balance Freya’s designs previously it’s past the point of no return.


– Tapping Feature: Enjoy the very addictive tapping highlight which adds a curve to the Idle RPG classification. Just tap the screen to vanquish the different ‘influxes of foes’ before you advancing to a sit out of gear supervisor fight!

– Idle Gameplay: Too lethargic to tap? Try not to stress, once you log out the diversion for 7 hours or less, your saints will battle naturally.



– Character Evolution: Upgrade your saints and appreciate new outfits and reinforcement to fortify your group to triumph!

– Countless Characters: Boasting more than 200 saints crosswise over six distinct groups, gather new legends along your journey!

– Free Daily Rewards: Earn free precious stones and coins every day! The more you play, the more rewards you procure!

– Earn and Receive: Earn currencies and precious stones, gather shards to summon saints and utilize soul to update existing legends on your mission for amazingness!

– Illusive Goblin: Keep your eyes peeled for the illusive Goblin who will endeavor to take your profit and rewards from your chest! Tap to crush him!

– Competitive Gameplay: Rise through the leaderboards and perceive how you rank against different players on the web. Concrete your inheritance as a Tap Hero in our focused leaderboard!

– Guild Arena: Play with companions in the activity pressed Guild Arena which empowers you to play organization supervisor fights and join diverse society groups!

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