WarFriends is a fresh out of the plastic new iOS and Android amusement from Chillingo, and this guide will offer tips for new players on the most proficient method to rank up, get gold and beat your companions without tricks. These clues are vital on the combat zone.


WarFriends is a 1v1 multiplayer amusement concentrated on murdering your adversary’s player character. To do that, you separate a mass of AI troops and attempt to deplete the soundness of the human-controlled pioneer. It’s a straightforward circle with a lot of profundity for the individuals who need it.

The controls are truly basic however may require some clarifying.

– Shoot: To shoot targets, tap them over and again. To get a nearer eye on things, press and hang on an adversary zone to raise your degree. The degree reticle is somewhat little, however utilize it to point and shoot.

– Cover: On each guide you’ll be watched by a progression of shields. Swipe left or ideal toward the shield you might want to move to. Shields can be briefly annihilated by shots or explosives.

– Change weapons: At the base right of the fight screen is a little marker that gives you a chance to switch between your essential, specials, handguns and explosives.

– Deploy units: In the base left is a range to convey units. Units cost vitality to send, and vitality is conceded by bringing down foe powers. Troops will auto-send on the off chance that you don’t oversee them physically.


WarFriends concentrates on four distinct classes of troops, and every one of them ought to be exploited in fight. When you begin, you’ll just be sufficiently given for one opening of every unit sort, however more spaces open as you level up. Here are the classes.

– Defenders: Defend you from adversaries. Send these when the other player is drawing near.

– Rushers: Rush in for a snappy assault. Incredible for use toward the begin of fight.

– Shooters: Your overall unit. Send them whenever.

– Explosive: These folks toss projectiles and dispatch rockets. They’re best utilized toward the begin of a match to bait your rival out rapidly.

Updating Troops : Upgrading troops is fundamental as you pile on cash from wins. To do that, tap “Next” at the fundamental menu and select “My Army.” There, you’ll see a rundown of the troops you have and the open levels of future ones.

Tap “Prepare” to buff the chose unit’s details. Preparing costs Warbucks and takes longer the more you progress. For amateurs, we exhort concentrating on your fundamental Grenader units first. They’re useful for setting up cover and giving you a chance to do what needs to be done. As you rank, you ought to give plentiful concentration to all parts of your armed force.


The weapon mechanics are fundamentally the same as troops. There are four fundamental classes to consider.

– Primary: This is your best all-around weapon. It has assault, magazine and reload details. Use for a commonplace battle situation.

– Special: These are for the most part more extended choices. Incredible for utilize when you’ve gotten out bunches of adversary troops. At the point when all is tranquil, you can kill your adversary.

– Explosives: These are your projectiles and rockets. Solid projectiles are a key weapon for amateurs.

– Handguns: Don’t try spending cash on these. The amusement isn’t planned in a way that makes them valuable.

Updating Weapons : Tap “Next” at the principle menu and select “My Weapons.” Select the weapon you need to redesign and tap “Overhaul.” Upgrades cost Warbucks and take more time to open as you level up.

To the extent tips are concerned, Weapon redesigns are more individual inclination. Since you’re always overseeing cash, you ought to just spend it redesigning the weapons you really utilize. In case you’re doing truly well with explosives, spend more on projectiles. The positioned opens by and large show signs of improvement as you go, so we’d recommend acquiring what ends up plainly accessible.

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