Medical & Health Services: The Nap Vanse Family Clinic sees 100-150 patients a day and is open 4 days a week.  It consists of a Haitian medical staff and international volunteers.  While the clinic’s main focus is women and children, it provides free access for all people. Through an innovative project with one of our partners, Global Dirt, We Advance is also supporting the first ever ambulance service in Port au Prince.  Clinic services include:  

  • Maternal Health
  • Baby Well Being
  • Emergency Services
  • Children’s Activities and Deworming
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Training
  • Cholera Prevention Classes
  • Hygiene Classes
  • Home Visits

Community Outreach & Education: Our community outreach and education programs are extensive.  To best serve the community, we conduct a survey of what services are available to the neighborhood and what is most needed. Programs include:    

  • Empowerment Program: 20 trainers poised to train 2,800 residents on subjects ranging from first aid and hygiene to parenting skills to human rights.  The students then in turn help teach other members of the neighborhood.
  • Citi Kreativ: Children learn arts & crafts with trash items they bring to class, teaching the value of recycling, and songs are sung to teach about everything from proper hygiene to basic civics.
  • Children Hygiene Outreach: Care specifically for children, such as handing out toothbrushes/toothpaste, teaching hand washing,  and holding bath days (once a week clean water is brought in so the children can bathe properly).  There is 2-4 hours of structured activity 5 days a week.
  • English Adult Education Classes: Using a “train the trainer” technique, the English classes focus on topics such as civics, STDs, and gender issues in order to provide a non-traditional, comprehensive program.  Since gender based violence impacts us all, the program is sure to include both men and women. Individual classes are also held.

Collaboration/Advocacy:  We Advance actively maintains ongoing partnerships with and serves as a central collaboration point for over 40 local and international organizations to advance women’s issues.  We work with the government in Haiti to advance women’s issues with our Haitian Board of Directors.  We advocate on the local, national, and internationally levels for women socially, politically, and economically.

Support to micro-NGOs:  With core support from the Women’s Donor Network, We Advance is piloting a unique and innovative program to leverage the financial and technical support for ‘best in class’, Haiti based micro NGOs to expand their presence and impact.  We Advance identifies micro NGOs delivering strong results across sectors; assesses their strengths, weaknesses and needs; vets the strongest recipients for donor funding; and provides technical assistance (strategic, management and proposal drafting) to enhance their fundraising capabilities.  Once this pilot is complete, we will seek additional funding for a Micro NGO Fund that will provide small grants to our micro-NGO partners. (We Advance has secured seed capital for this program and is seeking additional support to take this to scale.)