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Word Cookies was released on 14 December 2016, however the game gained high attention from the gamers because the game is really fun to play, Word Cookies was created and developed by the awesome “BitMango” crew.

Word Cookies is a masterpiece puzzle game that you will definitely like, I assure you that you will addicted to it, Word Cookies guide will help you to find and search in your mind to find more words, Word Cookies also will help you to know better and new words in the English languish, however the game has several languishes that you can play with.

The game is now available for free to download on the Play Store for the Android devices starting from firmware of 3.0 and up, the game is also available for free on all the IOS devices, however you can get free access to the store at any time you want by using the Word Cookies cheats and get all your gold coins needed for buying infinite number of hints.

Amazing game play for a puzzle game!

When you begin the game, at first you will need to understand how to play it so the Word Cookies’ team tell you to follow Word Cookies Guide to know how to play easily, at the beginning of the game you will see three letters in the shape of cookies and few words up at the top of the screen saying “Wow, they look so tasty! Swipe the word my” so you will join the M with the Y and form “MY “, then it will tell you great let us put another word “GYM “in a box! So you will join between the G then the Y until the M to form the gym word, then you are done with the first level and about to get your first 5 points, download the Word Cookies cheats to get more free points.


The winter theme has arrived!

The winter has just arrived to Word Cookies! With beautiful soundtracks that you will feel young again, you can just change the theme in the setting menu located at the bottom right corner of the screen, you also can mute the BGM (the music volume), you also can undo the notification and you will not get any annoying notifications further, there is also a shortcut to rate the game immediately and it will direct you automatically to the Word Cookies page on Google Play if you were an Android user or to the ITunes if you were IOS user.

Play daily to get rewards!

Do not forget to claim your rewards by playing for seven consequence days, the first day Word Cookies will give you 15 gold coins, the second day it will give you 20 gold coins, and for the third day you will get 25 gold coins, then for the fourth day you get 35 gold coins, the fifth day 40 gold coins, for the sixth day you receive 45 gold coins and last but not least the seventh day you will get 100 gold coins.


The longer you play, the better you get!

So the conclusion and the summery here is to swipe to build a word, swipe to rearrange and build a word, and to see how many words you can find, you can fill a box with words, and try to find a starred word to earn gold coins, but be careful the game will get harder by the passing time, it stars easy but get harder quickly, if you stuck, you can use hints or just shuffle the letters, or you can always choose the easy way and put your hands on the Word Cookies cheats to get free game hints.


Word Cookies has too many packs waiting for you to play and to unlock them!

To access to menu of the different pack it will be so weird, as you have to start by tapping the green button “ Play ”, then after starting a new game, search for the pause button located at the upper left corner of the devices’ screen it will be like three parallel lines then Word Cookies will give you four options weather you start resuming the game with is the option number one, the for the option number two it will give you Word Cookies tips for better understanding the game play like a legend, then for the third option is that you can share your score and to compete with your friends through the social media like the Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, then last but not least there is the levels button, just tap it and it will open the packs menu which consists of a total of eight recipes and sections, remember that Word Cookies hack will give the opportunity to have unlimited hints.

The first recipe is called the Home Baker and consists of two parts the first one is the Butter and for the second one is called the Oatmeal, the both recipes comes with only three cookies max and each one is consists of five different levels, then for the next part which is the Novice chef that contains four sections and each section contains five different levels as well but you will need 55 points to get access the first section.

Be careful always remember that you will need to complete all the previous levels without jumping to another one because each level you unlock you will receive 5 extra points with you cannot get these points by the Word Cookies cheats and you just have to focus and play and when you run out of your options try to concentrate more if you fail again try the shuffle button at the left of the devices’ screen and if it cannot help you, you can use Word Cookies hack to get free gold needed for purchasing more hints, and you will need 96 points for the second one which is called the Milk, then the third one the Vanilla you will need 147 points, the Cinnamon to unlock it you must have 168 points, then last but not least the Banana with you have to get 189 points to enter it, Have a look to the game FAQ.

Use Word Cookies Hack to get free gold coins!

Generally, it is a perfect game to play and to enjoy your time, but remember and try to be not frustrated because you will always want to use hints so there will a time when you need hints the most and you do not want to purchase from the store to get your hands on the Word Cookies hack now and get all the hinted you need.