Wormax.io cheats To Get Premium!

This is a MMO game, it was created and published by “Elyland”, the release date is 21 December, 2016. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices to start competing with your snake and become at the top for your server, make sure to read our Wormax.io tips to understand how the game works, and also keep in mind that by getting the Wormax.io Cheats you are going to remove the ads that are covering your screen forever.

Game Play!

Are you ready to become the strongest snake in the world? Get ready and read our Wormax.io guide to completely become the highest rated snake among all the players playing from all over the world, get ready to enter the arena and feed your snake to get the highest score in your server, by eating all the food around, you will gain all the mass you want to compete, all you need to do through any server you join is to find all the food to get bigger and to avoid the other worms because if you hit any other worm you will instantly die, and getting bigger means higher score and higher score equals to higher ranks in the league, and by the usage of the Wormax.io hack you can get premium to improve the game process and to get many advantages over the other players such as:

1-The worm will growth faster by 50%.

2-Your worm loses 50% less mass when speeding up.

3-Boosters will last 50% longer.

4-Instant boosters have 50% stronger effects.

Adjust The Perfect Game Controls For You!

The game provides you with many game controls system to play with and to feel completely comfortable while playing, there is a system that helps you controlling your worm directions with 360 degree joystick, or you can choose to control you worm by only turning your mobile to right or to the left, or just by tapping on the screen on a specific area and the worm will reach this destination, you can also change the skills place from the left to the right, and these skills such as stop: to stop at your place, to speed up your move, and to hit another worms, so with all these controls you are going to enjoy the game at its best, and by getting the Wormax.io cheats you can get another skills to use through your game and your journey to become the highest ranked snake in the world.

Enjoy The Various Game Modes!

There are too many game modes you can choose from to play the game in the way you like, you can play with the computer to start training with your worm on using the different skills, you can also play with too many players around the world to start competing together on reaching the first place, and finally you can invite your friends so you can all play together in the same server to destroy each other and by obtaining Wormax.io hack you can unlock all the needed skills to become the best of all.

Start Upgrading Your Worm!

By upgrading your worm and with your own skills you will become even better at competing, there are too many upgrades to do to your worm such as you can buy an artifact that decreases the cool down for the stop skill for from 5% to 50%, you can also get another artifact that decreases the cool down for the ghost skills by 5%, 10%, 25% and 50%, there are also another artifacts that increases the duration for the ghost skills effect by 1.0 second, 2.0 second, 3.0 second and 4.0 second, you can also increase the starting length by 100%, 200%, 500% or even 1000%, you can use another artifacts that increases the range of coverage by 3%, 5%, 10% and 15%, you can also use another artifacts that helps you getting more mass from your food by receiving -50%, 0%, 50%, 100% of the toxic mass consumed, and to get all these artifacts you need to get something called an essence from each game you play, and finally by putting your hands on the Wormax.io hack you can get yourself an unlimited amount of essence to upgrade your to the max level of any possible upgrade in the game.

Collect The Powerful Boosters To Become Stronger!

While playing and eating the needed food to gain all the mass you want, you are going to find some boosters on your way and these boosters will help you through your tough journey, and these boosters will provide you with some skills to use to help you attracting all the nearest food from you, so you can eat and get bigger faster, and some boosters also will help you by providing acceleration so it will increase your overall speed to become faster and collect more food in less amount of time, and also there are some boosters to help you attacking another worms and to eat them after their death to gain the biggest mass you ever dreamed with, and by using Wormax.io cheats you can get more boosters through any server you are going to play in.

Obtain The Wormax.io Hack To Get An Unlimited Amount Of Essence!

If you are in a hurry, and don’t want to waste more time on the game without getting the expected score, wants to get bigger in no time, get all the essences you need, remove the disturbing ads, choose any available skins for your worm to look the way you want, want to unlock all the available boosters and skills, you can do all these things with just the usage of Wormax.io cheats it’s the easiest way you are going to find to reach your forever goal and it’s to become at the top of your league and if you are already at the top it will help you remaining and securing your position at the world leading and strongest snake in the world.

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