Shielded by the Destiny Goddess, the Easter Land has lived in peace for a long time until the Queen of Demon Andariel broke the wards of light. She leaded her Chaos Legion to attack. Consequently, animals degenerate… Divine beings fall… the flares of war spread. Easter Land has sank into perpetual haziness. In the meantime, the Xenogate, interweaved with the world’s predetermination, has opened, with more than 200 saints went through time and space. The voyage of sparing the world is going to begin.

【Game Introduction】

The new RPG pretend versatile diversion has embraced ACG Manga style and special vertical battle mode. More than 200 recognizable saints has joined the group. The war crosswise over time and space is approaching.

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【Game Feature】



1. Genuine ACG Manga diversion encounter, aesthetic liveliness for characters and Japanese voice performing artists lead you to appreciate the session of various measurement.

2. It just takes taps to begin the 24 hours constant disconnected fight. Update naturally even set aside the amusement.

3. More than a great many saints in various time has participated in amusement and been sitting tight for your summon. The war over the time and space will be activated whenever.

4. A lot of approaches to play: Roguelike, group fight, plunder Ores and World Boss. It even contains 12v12 multiplayer battle.

5. Boundless stamina enables players to enter prisons for ordinarily. Top Up isn’t required.

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