Get Z Buster Cheats To Get A Countless Amount Of Buckets!

This is a shooter and survival game, it was created and published by “isTom Games”, and the release date is 15 December, 2016. Start downloading the game to your IOS and Android devices to survive the strong attacks from the unlimited amount of zombies that are spread in the different cities, get ready to move to the next topic and get all the Z Buster tips you are going to need, and finally the benefits of using the Z Buster hack.


The Holidays are here, and you have given the zombie hunter license and it equals to the allowable of using all the kinds of weapons such as pistols, shotguns, and explosives so you can protect the city from the zombies and eliminate their existence, so you have vital role now to defend your family and all of your friends and remember to not let them get bite by these zombies so you all don’t catch this disease and die, in the settings menu you can find a statics recorder so its allows you to see how many games you played, time survived, Z-Square best, Z-Land Best, Z-Park Best, Zombies shot, Headshots, Best combo, Blown Up, Burned, Frozen and shocked, and finally the usage of Z Buster hack will help you through your survival journey with the unlimited amount of buckets.


Shoot Them Down Right In The Head!

Make sure to read our Z Buster guide because it’s going to introduce you to the game and the different situations you are going to face ,after starting the game, and at the first day you will need to eliminate 14 zombie that are walking in the streets and bite everyone they face in a specific amount of time, so all you need to use your pistols and all the power ups that are available in the game to use them, and these power ups are Burner, Freezer, Shocker and Damage, every power up has a specific skills and it varies from burning or freezing the zombies, there are also some boosters to get in purpose of helping you such as Fast Hands, No Ads, More Dollars and Defibs.

Ok let’s get back to day one, once you face the zombies your ultimate mission will be aiming to their heads to death, in order to do so you need to use the control system in the game and all you need to do is mark the zombie then finally shot them, and finally Z Buster cheats will help you get the most powerful weapons in the game such as pistols, shotgun, smg, grenade launcher, laser rifle, rail gun, rail pistol, mini gun, sticky meat and the laser pistol, if you don’t think you will be in need of these heavy strong weapons, then you are wrong because each weapon has specific stats such as damage, accuracy and capacity, at day 2 you are going to have another mission and it’s to survive the swarm of the zombies for 60 seconds, so start using your fast hands to wipe them all, and Z Buster hack will get you unlimited amount of fast hand skill to be activated.

Protect The Different Zones From The Massive Attacks!

At your 30 days you will defend The Z Square from each attack, after eliminating the zombies that are exists there, you are going to move to the next square at day 31 in order to save its citizens and this area called the Z Park, after 59 of the hard work you will be finally in the last city you will defending and its called Z Land, and keep in mind that the zombies are getting stronger than before, so work faster and harder aim and shot them, and  Z Buster cheats will help you through the upcoming days from any possible attack.


You Can Still Survive From Any Possible Bite!

In every mission you are going to have, a shown health bar will appear at the top of the screen, and it will show you how is your health after each bite and damage you take from all the zombies you are going to fight, so after a specific amount of damage and bites you take the death will be waiting for you, and in order to survive such a thing, you got to watch an ad of a game and after watching a message consists of survive now will appear to you, and finally you will be respawned again.


Team Up With Your Real Friends To Form A Perfect Alliance!

Start inviting your friends to the game to team with them, to work together and to help each other to protect the city, because in such situations the city will be in need of every man and women that are trained to guns to protect the city, so start gathering up your friends and get higher scores from them, and higher statics to show them that you are the best among them all, no it’s not because you want to be better than them but such a challenge will encourage everybody to work harder and to focus on their targets and to kill them with just one simple bullet, make sure to use Z Buster cheats because its going to help you and your friends  in getting best arsenal of guns that are available in the game to eliminate any close zombie.


With Z Buster Hack You Will Get Unlock New Features!

If you are getting killed every day you play and fail at every mission you get, and don’t want to waste more time on the game, ok now it’s going to be the right time to put your hands on Z Buster cheats, because it will provide you with the unique weapons in the shop, and get all the defense equipment’s to protect yourself from any bite you might get, and will also help you with increasing the given time for every mission so you can achieve the goals of each mission.


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