Zen Koi cheats to get pearls for free to get speed and agility boosts.

Zen Koi is a wonderful classic game, that was released on 28 November 2016.

Zen koi was created and developed by “LandShark” Games.

Zen Koi is available now free to download on all the Android Devices as well as all the IOS devices, do not forget to use Zen Koi cheats to get all the pearls you need to be always using the boosts.


Zen Koi introduction!

Zen Koi is a magnificent game with new stylish game play like you have never seen before in your entire life, as all the other games just focuses on the surface and only the crust but no one will bother himself searching for a deep game that will cost him a lot of money and also energy as this game is, Zen Koi will take you for a vacation far away in the deep sea exploring the wonder and the amaze of the creature that created these unbelievable living and breathing living organisms under in the deep blue sea, you will feel the variability of the plants and the infinite types of fish that you will need a long time counting only the species of the fish.


Follow the instruction for the best results needed.

There are lots of questions here that need an explanation because you have not yet experienced a game like that before so you will need time and explanations and lots of them, as the most question which being asked is that how to feed your Koi? Zen Koi guide will answer by telling you that you could only tap on the target like the fish and then Koi will follow the target that you aimed at.


Zen Koi’s forum will help to solve the mysteries!

The most question that is being asked is that how to eat at faster rate? So the Zen Koi tips will tell you to collect the boosts to improve koi’s abilities, the last important question that is being asked is what are these gems for? These gems is used to expand your pond to be able to lay eggs and to grow and becoming a dragon, and to the players who keep asking about the point of the game as they are playing and just enjoying or there is really a point and things to achieve, I tell them yes there is a point and that point concentrates about ascending you koi into a dragon so you could earn dragon points, for more extra information and for much more frequently questions you can now join Zen Koi’s forum which you can access from the help button shaped like a question mark and this button is  located at the bottom of the device’s screen and after that tap the Forum button located at the upper right of your device’s screen as well as the access of their page on Facebook to be able to communicate with the creators of the game and to be able to know about the new updates and the new features of what is coming or even discuss things in the game or even to allow the players to communicate with each other’s and talk about the game for better understanding.


Collector’s Koi

It is the third part of the Zen Koi store as you can be an orijin but it requires a one dragon point, the Yurei requires 3 dragon points, Boruto which requires 3 dragon points to be able to unlock it, then we have the Hone which requires 7 dragon points, Tonakai for 9 dragon points, Omisoka which you have tounlock it for 11 dragon points, always remember to use the Zen Koi hack to help you to get the dragon points, Haru for 12 dragon points, Supoto for 15 dragon points, Kokoro for 16 dragon points,Konrei for 18 dragon points, Bani for 20 dragon points, Rokusta for 22 dragon points, Isuta for 23 dragon points then the Dotto for 25 dragon points, Sakura for 27 dragon points, then we have the Tenshi for 29 dragon points, Keiro for 39 dragon points and last but not least the great Uzu for 49 dragon points.


Use Zen Koi hack to purchase what is best for you!

Go to the shop (Zen Koi’s store) in order to buy and purchase the items, as Zen Koi’s store consists of four different things, the first one is called the Pearls which is lots of pearls in a chest which you can and earn pearls through in this section among seven different packs and bundles, you can purchase small handful of pearls which contains 20 pearls or you can purchase from the time limited offer the Yajiri Pack which gives you 40 pearls plus collectors Koi, remember to use the Zen Koi hack to help you to get the pears for free, another pack with a limited time offer called the Splatto pack with gives you 120 pearls plus collectors Koi, then the last time limited offer here in Zen Koi is the Monki Pack which contains 300 pearls plus collector Koi as well, there is also the Big box which contains 800 pearls, however you can get all of those of using the Zen Koi cheats to get what you want for free, and last but not least to best deal in Zen Koi is the Huge chest of pearls that contains 2000 pearls and remember that you can get all of those by getting your hands on the Zen Koi cheats to get these pearls for free.

You can also earn pearls by watching videos for about 30 seconds for each video.

The second part of the store is the Boosts section which you can spend your pearls earned from the store or from using the Zen Koi cheats to get speed boost for an example that need 3 pearls and the speed lasts for only 5 minutes, then there is the agility boost which is also for 3 pearls and gives you agility boost for 5 minutes as well, then the X speed boost which is for 6 pearls and gives you speed boost for whole 15 minutes and last but not least the agility boost which is for 6 pearls and gives you agility boost for 15 minutes as well, these boosts worth your effort to try and get the Zen Koi hack because it will be much easier for you to make high score and make your way to the top.