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The famous sequel of Yu-GI-OH! Has made it in its new brand form with an awesome community and online play features, use the given cards at the beginning and start fighting your way off to reach the highest levels of The Game unlocking new monsters and adding them to your deck to prove your dueling skills on the battle ground!

This game was released by the giant Company “Konami”, and it was released on 28 October 2016, As you can download it right now on Android & IOS.

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A Quick Introduction to The Duelist World!

Actually we didn’t announce about new games lately, So today it’s our time to begin with Homescapes Cheats game as it’s rated top 10 games overall time.

This the famous cards game that have been brought back to life from Konami company, it is finally here now on your Mobile device, you can start playing anywhere and anytime you wish and contact with the other players to  keep yourself up to date on Reddit, Without any restrictions, you can also connect with the best dueler all over the world in a competition to prove your worthy and show them what you are made of. Make sacrifices from your own monsters and summon some bigger monsters and terrifying ones. Enter your player name and prepare you to see a whole new world waiting for you at the stake!

Enter A Name to Your Player!

Would you like to enter your Konami ID and play the game with your data registered for data transfer?

selecting Yes will take you to the Konami ID login Page. So please enter either your Konami ID or email address and then your password on that screen. If not select “NO” but we personally recommend you to login using an ID to be able to have all your data saved in a safe place, and have the ability to access it from anywhere, in case you have lost your mobile you do not actually want to lose all your progression in a single mistake or a run, and now Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack would be taking your gameplay experience and level to much higher ones, you will get enough resources to be able to progress in the game smoothly without facing and problems or mistakes that every regular user gets to face at his stay in the game. The ultimate Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack are considered to be a great solution and a good source of Rare and strong cards, so get it before anyone else without hesitation, Also you can read the game WIKI it has lots of informative data about YuGiOh Oh Duel.

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Beware The Ruthless Raptor!

Rex Raptor: a skilled duelist who finished second in the regionals, Rex Raptor`s strategy focuses on having his dinosaurs stop all over his foes with an aggressive offense. His prized possession in the rare “Red-Eyes, Dragon” Which he spent his lifetime to obtain the glorious moment and victory along, prepare yourself to enter the Edit Deck menu and start accessing all the received cards after the purchase of them using the in-game gems, and of course these gems the main resource is the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Cheats. And here is some other hero that is considered to be one of your main rivals here is the Regional Champion weevil! Underwood loves to buzz to victory with his insect deck. even if it means throwing Yugi’s cards into the ocean or messing with joey`s dec. one of his favorite techniques is an insect combo using “great moth” and to be able to take him out you got to get the advantage of the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Cheats & COC Clash Of Clans Hack German Website to be able to have the gems that will in order to purchase new cards, so complete missions for rewards, collect cards from the shop! Build your deck and take on the world with help of Yu Gi Oh Duel Links cheats!



Welcome Vagabond!

The Vagabond: is a duelist, steeped in legend and shrouded in mystery, who makes rare appearances in the game.\he will challenge you to duels with special conditions, but depending on how the duel plays out, you can obtain extra Hero experience points the bigger and better you become.

If you have the opportunity, be sure to challenge the vagabond to a duel!

After a duel, Vagabond may ask you to introduce him to one of your friends. So introduce him and he will go and visit that friend for a duel!

The more friends you have, the more times the Vagabond will turn up, so be sure to add as many friends as you can and with Yu Gi Oh Duel Links cheats, the most game issues should be fixed and smoothed out.

An Optimum Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Guide For Higher Results!

We will be giving you a quick overview of the in-game cards in our Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Guide, let’s go ahead and see what is waiting for us there.

1-    GRAVEROBBER: this is a trap card, select a speccer card from your opponent`s graveyard. You can use it as your hand until the end of the turn. If you use it, you take 2000 points of damage.

2-    POLYMERIZATION: Fusion summon 1 fusion monster from your extra deck, using monsters from your hand or field as fusion materials, this is also a spell magical card, and can be obtained using Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack.

3-    Dark Magician Girl: 6 stars’ card, considered to be a strong one, it comes under the spell caster/effect category this card gains 300 ATK for every “Dark magician” or “Magician of black chaos” in either player`s graveyard, and it has ATK:2000 Def 1700, get similar cards using the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack.

4-    Gaelle the king of Mythical Beasts: a 4 stars’ card which is not very strong but still can do the job, comes under the Beast Category, this monster moves so fast that it looks like an illusion to mortal eyes, and this card is always treated as a phantom beast card. ATK 1500 DEF1200, the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack won’t get you such a low rated cards since the aim of using it is to receive an outstanding rare card to be able to progress further in the game.

5-    METALMORPH: Face-up monster on the field: equip this card to that target and watch it getting 300 ATK and DEF if it attacks it gains attack equal to half the ATK of the attacked target, during damage calculation only, this is another amazing Trap card, obtaining it easily through the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack.

6-    The Legendary Fisherman: a warrior, and while “, but does not prevent your opponent from attacking you directly.

7-    RED- EYES B Dragon: A Ferocious Dragon with a deadly attack, and it is a very rare card only the might players can get it, you can find it easily on Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack for free without any extra effort.


8-    Blue Eyes White Dragon: this is a legendary dragon has a unique powerful engine of destruction, virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale, and become the first one to tell the tale after acquiring it using Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack.

Initiate The Game and Get into A New Adventure!

Start the game by clicking on the initiate Link button, and prepare yourself to go through the variety of terms of use and privacy policy, make sure you are reading it carefully before progressing in the game and moving to the next stage. Next thing coming up next is the game language, you can choose from up to 10 different worldwide languages in the game, and enjoy playing it with the ability to understand the different situations in the game without having to get anything translated. But do not forget to have a strong Wi-Fi signal or a cellular data connection, because the game comes without any languages pre-installed on the game, so choose the one you prefer and start downloading it, the download bar will be on the top of the screen, remember as well in the meantime to put your hands on the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack and enjoy receiving the rare cards getting added to your collection. Please if you have more inquires you might need to visit our FAQ page & Privacy.
Enjoy The Different Stages of the Game!

Bandit Keith: Intercontinental champion Bandit Keith has no qualms about using underhanded tactics to steal the win. His signature monster “Barrel Dragon” has an effect that enables it to destroy his opponent`s card and this is the perfect place to determine who is the real champion! Will be the one?

Who will rule over all?


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Who will wear the crown as the duel world king?!

Duel world is divided into different stages! And with Yu-GI-OH-Duel! Links Hack you should be on your way to the top right now! And now reach the final stage and claim the throne! Defeat all who stand in the way of your dreams. Duelist come to duel world for your greatest challenges, test yourself to your breaking point! Dare to become the duel world king! Every battle, every duel you will fight in the game with the help of Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack, of course, it will bring you one step closer to completing the world and taking over it.


Get to Know Your Rivals!

Odion is the servant of the Ishtar family and has sworn his allegiance to Marik, an honest duelist who duels fair and square. His deck is comprised of trap monsters such as “Embodiment of Apophis” to ensnare his unsuspecting opponents. This opponent is considered to be an easier one compared to Ishizu Ishtar! She is a descendant of the gatekeeper family who has safeguarded the millennium items, she is determined to rescue her younger brother mark from the darkness that has overtaken him. The power of her millennium necklace allows her to see the future. You must have now realized that you have arrived in the world of different duelers with unique powers, these duelists have come to test their skills in the next evolution of dueling! Get enough gems and cards from Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack for free without any extra charges.

Maximillion Pegasus The Duelists!

Maximillion Pegasus is one of the biggest rivals you going to face at the game!

He is the president of industrial illusions and the genius game designer who created duel monsters. He uses the power of his millennium eye to read his opponent`s mind and see the cards in their hand. His deck focuses on toon monsters to toy with his opponent. But when he gets serious, his “Relinquished” has an effect that enables it to absorb his opponent`s monsters. You cannot face such an opponent with a simple deck, you need to be strong enough to be able to beat him and the best way to do such a thing is by using Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack for free.


A New Competition Waiting For You Every day!

Prepare yourself to enter the Seto Kaiba, let’s see if you have the cards to challenge him and take him out, but remember that you cannot afford to lose, since losing your first match of the game will not sound good on the ears of other competitors and do not worry with the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack, things should be solved entirely, select your favorite initial character and play as Yugi or Seto Kaiba.


With Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Tips You Should Be Able To Know The Game Shortcuts!

This is a quick version of the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links tips on the combat, and letting you know exactly what to do in the battle scene also here is my advice if you are really looking for some more great cheats take a look out here Injustice 2 Hack, the main objective we got here is to reduce your opponent`s Life points to 0 in order to become a clear winner of the battle. Wait for your turn and pay close attention to your opponent moves and turns that he is doing, try to think ahead of him in order to take him out with the smartest and fewest moves. Draw your first card from the deck at your turn, and it will be The Mystic Horseman! Half man and half horse, this monster is known for its extreme speed! Now the time has come to summon this amazing creature and watch him coming on the field! But remember you can get extra more special cards by obtaining the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Cheats, and now after you got your monster on the field ready to roll over and take out an opponent, let’s change the game phase to battle and go ahead to deal some damage to the opponent, and once you get Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Cheats you should be having an invincible deck that can take out anyone with simple cards.

Game Worldwide Missions!

Here are some quick visions over the gameplay and how things work in the game battlefield, keep in mind that you cannot ever touch the opponent health points without taking out all his defenses and monsters on the ground, and in the fastest way to reach his heart is by summoning strong monsters from the deck you are going to get so far using Yu Gi Oh Duel Links cheats, remember that the damage you inflict to your opponent`s LP is equal to the amount your monster`s ATK exceeds your opponent`s monster`s ATK. Once you did with finishing all your moves, you might think for a while that this game is based on luck only, but actually that is wrong very wrong, it is all about tactics and skills that you can get to use and manage the usage of your cards perfectly well so far, let`s give you a quick vision of the game missions! Yugi Muto will appear in duel world during the campaign! Win against him and earn cards as victory rewards!

Yugi to will not appear at the gate!


Only one Yugi Muto will appear at one time in the duel world, so make sure you one of the strongest players that will have the chance to kill him! Using the gems to improve your powers and you can simply obtain these gems from Yu Gi Oh Duel Links cheats!


Many playable Skill levels Depending On Your Skill!

Choose the game difficulty that fits you, the game has many several options to choose from maybe i would advice to read the Game Summery before start playing, But trust me with the help of Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack you should be fine at whatever the game throws at you,

1-    Never Heard Of Yu-GI-OH!

2-    Used to play the card game.

3-    Always up for a duel!

4-    Remember it from the comic/Anime!

Each difficulty has a suitable cards and playing style of its own, so make sure you are preparing yourself for this moment and what is coming up behind it, go ahead and choose fairly what you think you do believe no need to cheat and do not worry, your back is covered and safe with the help of Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack, so go ahead and grab whatever competition you want, and fight them all show them no mercy, my friend.


Different Summoning Style And Playable Modes!

There are several summoning types and playable modes in the game, and you can also get to play against several players from all over the world, so prepare yourself with the right deck and send invitations to your friends to get into the game and play against each other and show them who is the BOSS! Alongside the ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links cheats you should be more than fine against any competitor, use the received gems and cards to purchase Supreme cards, and the last thing we got here is the legendary duelists! These are legendary duelists who will appear at the gate of Duel world!

They will pop up on the map, or they can be directly called forth to the gate using the Gate Keys!

You may obtain powerful cards as rewards when dueling legendary duelists (each duelist yields different cards as a reward) and you can substitute it easily and get all the cards you wish by spending in-game gems, and they can be obtained with big numbers using the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links cheats.


Game Basics.

Start summoning new fights and warriors using your deck, the stronger your deck is the higher chances of winning the game will be, prepare yourself to get into an epic battle scene! Get awesome gifts for completing each successful stage of the game, but get to know that gifts are occasionally dropped throughout duel world. You may find gold, gate keys, etc. inside these gifts. When you see one, be sure to tap and claim it.

Your Childhood Friend Is Waiting For The Reuniting!

Tea Gardner: Tea is yugi`s childhood friend who dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Though she won`t call herself a duelist. Her bravery will not allow her to back down from any duel, you have to equip yourself for this upcoming challenge with the right cards against the right rival, go for Yu Gi Oh Duel Links cheats now. Mai Valentine: The beautiful and bold Mai Valentine has traveled the world, taking down all challengers along the way. Though she may seem bossy and tough, she also has a softer side, like an older sister that you can count on (but do not call her “old”) when dueling her “Harpie lady” dazzles her opponents into defeat.


Red Eyes Dragon!!

The duelist joey wheeler isn’t afraid to face danger to help his friends, especially for his best bud Yugi, Always ready to take a chance, his bud Yugi, always ready to take a chance, his cards often rely on luck, however, his go to monster is the reliable”Red-Eyes B. Dragon”

Complete Different Game Missions for Receiving Higher Rewards and with The Help of Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack Everything Should Be More Than Fine!

Complete missions to receive awesome rewards such as gems and coins, they are divided into 2 types of missions, the first one is the normal missions which don’t require something different from you, and once you complete a mission you can go there to this menu and claim your reward, and on the other hand side there are the Special ones, and these ones are super difficult ones and they promise higher rewards in return. As your stage tank up, new facilities and characters will become available, and now the shop is open, start swiping over the screen with your hand moving from a place to another until you reach the shop, after few minutes of playtime at the game you will get to know these places, let’s get the ultimate rising pack, this will be only available for you at the start, you can actually use your received gems from the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack, and to be able to purchase the best packs you will have to invest a Lil bit more of the gems, but anyway feel free to pay a visit to Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack and get extra more gems for free.

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  1. Uplifting news! Since quite a while ago expected “Duel Room”(Beta) is presently accessible!

    You can duel with your rival inside the gathering even without adding to companion list first with the Room Numbers as it were!

    Additionally, individuals outside the gathering can appreciate viewing your deul by sharing the Watch Numbers! Give it a shot!

  2. You should consider making tag team duels also regarding the room duels can make a little bit more interesting like playing for a card for example
    Thank you

  3. That spelcaster card fits consummate in my spelcaster deck! For a diversion where you can burn through cash we get dispense of free things! I’m truly extraordinary full for that, makes me wanna spend some cash to bolster this diversion! Keep doing awesome!

  4. Can you guys fix the Time pvp bug? i don’t know what’s going on but whenever i am winning a duel the game automatically ends with me losing telling me i ran out of time even tho i had 200 seconds left for my turn?

  5. I have just copied it from the main website as i like this game so damn much and it’s my pleasure to share with you any benefits 🙂

    Attention Duelists, “Pegasus” NOW appear in the Duel World! In the event “Invitation to The Toon World” challenge the legendary Duelist without cost Star Chips, defeat him and get the special prize!