About US

weadvance.org is a nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to provide the gamers all over the world with the latest versions of the game hack and cheats, through our global team all over the world, they intend to work on the both operating systems “ Android” and the “IOS” to serve as many users as possible, we have set long term goals and short-term goals, but for now you will get notified with any expansion we making in the near future to our current website.
We will also be announcing on the website if we are hiring so make sure to check us from time to time, , we do have a very professional team that works very hard day and night to provide you with the latest updates on the games, we intend to hire the most talented writers and workers globally, this website is just the successor of the former one www.theteachersalaryproject.org, and since the load was way too much we had to expand our branches and unleash our new beast weadvance.org to serve as many users as possibly, make sure you are checking our website frequently for the latest updates.

We do upload 4-10 game cheats per day, so if your favorite game review was not uploaded yet, make sure that it will get reviewed in maximum 10 days after the release date, we do also preview unreleased games and this happens because the most famous gaming companies intend to send us the beta version of each game they develop right before they release it in order to benefit from our reviews, do not worry we always do our best to do a none biased reviews, we normally cover the main points in our reviews, at the first we do start with the gameplay overall and give it a rating and explain every small aspect of it to help you with your first minutes and the game and decide either to start playing this game or not, then we move to the controls part which is very crucial.

Since most of the players out there are not used to the smartphones controlling system and each game that comes out on the store now has its own playing style, which makes the new players face some troubles, so our team starts playing the game and make their own test to make things look much simpler and clearer, and after we are done with the controls we will be moving to give you few tips and shortcuts about the game to make sure that you are progressing faster than anyone else, and avoiding the common mistakes that every beginner falls into.

Our team aims to deliver quality over quantity, we might be a little bit slow but we guarantee you that, you will be receiving the best service from our website, and even after using our cheat, you can still contact our team, you can contact us on aldo@weadvance.org or via our contact us button and send us your suggestions.