Aero Drive Cheats to get free coins and amazing upgrades.

Aero Drive is a racing game which you race with your opponents at a colony in the outer space, the game was released on 13 December 2016, Aero Drive is available on all the Android devices starting from the firmware 4.0.3 and up, Aero Drive is also available on all the IOS devices.

Aero Drive was created and developed by Nukebox studios.

Aero Drive spaceship upgrades.

You can upgrade you space ship now by tapping the rocket button located in the middle of the screen besides the big red launch button, your default space ship is a yellow one, then on the next upgrade you will find the blue space ship which will cost you bunch of 5000 coins, however you can get all the coins needed for your upgrades by purchasing at the store from variety of bundles, however you can get those for free by using our Aero Drive cheats, the next one is also for 5000 coins but it is a red one, then you have the rainbow space ship for 6000 coins, and after that the a green one same as the previous space ship, and then the yellow upgraded space ship which will cost you 12,000 coins,

The red upgraded one will cost you 15,000 coins, then the black upgraded space ship for 18000 coins, then we have the green upgraded space ship for 15,000 coins, and after that comes the orange modern space ship for 35,000 coins, then red modern one for 37,000 coins, remember that you can use Aero Drive hack to get coins needed to buy these expensive space ships, as you see they are very expensive and you will not spend the rest of your life collecting gold until you buy your favorite space ship, and without using the Aero Drive hack I think you will not be able to do that.

Easiest game control of your life!

Aero Drive game control are very easy here to move, just tap to move left or right to avoid obstacles, try taping as fast as you can because the game just keeps getting faster and faster.

Aero Drive story explanation.

You are far away for your home and your friends and family and far away in a colony in the other space searching and seeking for coins to upgrade your space ship and to help you to escape this colony, just move smoothly and fast between the obstacles to avoid crashing and follow the Aero Drive tips and collect the coins because it is the most important thing in this game.


Get free access to the store using Aero Drive hack now to get free coins and much more than that!

To get access to the store just tap the “ plus button “ located at the upper right corner of the screen besides the coin counter, you will find deferent bundles and pack choose careful and you have to know what you will buy, you better follow the Aero Drive guide for the best instruction needed to choose whether you like the maximum speed or the accuracy or the smooth in the movement or even remove the advertising and yes you can make that happens because these advertising are so annoying and they will get you out of your focused mind however not all of them are boring, actually some of these application you will be interested at but the point is that is not the time.


You want to be focused in the game to go further by accomplishing the best score needed to challenge the whole universe, so remember to get our and the only Aero Drive cheats to get unlimited amount of coins, the first pack at the store is the Double Coins special condition, which you can double the amount number of the coins that you earn and pick up in every single match and double it, the second pack is the Stack Of Coins which gives you 5000 coins each one, then we have the third one which is called the Pile Of Coins which gives you whole of 12000 coins each time you purchase it, then it is the time for the fourth pack which is called the Bag Of Coins and this one gives you 20,000 coins, then last but not least we have the Chest Of Coins which gives you 30,000 coins.

However, you can also remove to in app ads by purchasing that on the store as well, or you can always choose the easy way to use our Aero Drive cheats to automatically remove these ads.

Awesome sound tracks that will keep you right on track!

Aero Drive has a decent magnificent variety of sound tracks that you will feel like listing to the radio not a video game, the graphics is also incredible and so simple as well.


Compete with your friends now!

It is time to call out for your friends and play and compete and challenge each other’s at this wonderful exciting game, and not is the time to improve your records and play continues to help yourself to be better at this game, Aero Drive is an endless fun game to play and despite of being endless you will not get bored because it is so much fun, it is kind of hard at the begging but if you are a good player and play constantly you will definite improve yourself to be able to challenge the whole globe, get our Aero Drive cheats to help you to have faster and better space ships than the other opponents.

However speed is not everything you have to be sharp and to be stayed in focus to avoid hitting the obstacles which are too much more than you think they will be, improve your records by using Aero Drive hack to become a high valued player and a member of the game community and to placed (place your nickname) in the leaderboards that is being upgrade day by day.