Start Obtaining The Crime Files Cheats To Get Unlimited Amount Of Coins!

This is a crime game, was created and published by “TerranDroid Arcade”, the release date is 19 December, 2016. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices to start investigating all the had crimes that happened in the city and to show how clever you are at that, make sure to read all our Crime Files tips to understand the game well before you even start it, and by putting your hands on the Crime Files Cheats you can get an additional help with too many investigating points.


Start Surviving From All The Dangerous Criminals That Wants Your Head!

Upon starting the game a female voice will start talking with detective, hey detective, are you alright? Oh thank god you are awake! Hurry up, get us out of here! Once you wake up you are going to notice that you are locked with a female in a room and your mission to run away with her and to discover who are the criminals and the responsible murderers for that, you will start tapping on the bag in front of you to find anything to unlock yourself with, and yes you are going to find a plier to unlock yourself from the chains you are tied with, after unlocking you both, she will start to thank you for saving her life!

Ok that was a tutorial to learn how you are going to play this game, and after each mission you will get a final score and stars and rewards to keep moving forward.


Start Your First Mission And Clear The World From The Murders!

Your boss Lieutenant Jenkins is going to ask you to wake up, because they received a report, a murder just happened in theater district. Get the job done now!  In order to start investigating you will need an investigate points, at the top of the screen the investigation bar is appearing is the full bar is consisting of 100 investigation points, let’s begin with our first mission, ok let’s see what we have got here in the crime scene, detective Turner will say ok, we got a double homicide in the alley alongside the movie theater, the victims were deceased from multiple gunshot wounds, they are both local councilors, so let’s better get started, and your assistant will ask you to get to the bottom of it, an advise will be given to you from detective Turner and its investigate the crime scene. Keep your eyes open. Do not miss any clues! Ok at the beginning your mission is to collect all the evidence around the crime scene such as wall lamp, camera, flower pot, fire scape, crow, and the male body ok after collecting these clues.

You are going to start examining all these evidences such the camera, after tapping on the examine the camera, the technician will tell you he accessed to the CCTV system and downloaded the surveillance footage, and after analyzing it the camera will show you that the suspect is a male in blue shirt, and by using the Crime Files hack you will have an extra help with an extra evidence to discover who is the criminal fast, let’s get back to our case ,Lieutenant Jenkins will start calling you and tells you that we got this from the tip line. A taxi driver have seen something, according to him, he carried some guy in blue shirt with some blood on it, after knowing that you will start talking to the two suspects George Lopez and Maria Gonzalez, let’s try to talk to Maria first.

After tapping on her you will be given some personal information’s about here such as her job, her height, weight, age, eyes, and her blood type, according to our evidence the suspense is in a blue shirt that’s why she will wonder because you are suspecting here, and she will say I’m innocent! Is that difficult to recognize that I am a woman, officer? After that you are going to start talking to the other suspect and he is George Lopez and he is unemployed and with talking to him you will know that he is the murder and he will admit that, and with the usage of the Crime Files cheats you can get unlimited amount of coins to help you getting more levels and experience points.


Start Customization Your Detective Character!

In order to look the way you like, start visiting the avatar shop and choose firstly the shirt or the suit you are going to wear, or her type of hair, secondly choose his or her glasses type and look, but to do so you will need too many coins and put in mind that they are so expensive to get but with the usage of the Crime Files Hack you get all the needed coins to buy everything you want from the avatar shop.

Recover All Your Investigation Points With An Extra Help From Crime Files Hack!

As we mentioned before to start investigating you will need some points, and here at this topic we are going to tell you how can you recover all the missing points just make sure to read our Crime Files guide to know how you are going to do such a thing, so to recover all these points you will need to eat a lot of food the game is providing you with not only food some sweets will also do the job, but to get unlimited amount of these kinds of food and sweets you will need a lot of coins because you are an important detective and you need to investigate too many daily crimes, so by getting the Crime Files cheats you get refill your points back to the maximum.

Start Getting The Crime Files Hack To Get A Countless Amount Of Stars!

Are you running out of time, can’t get all the points you need in a short time to start investigating more crimes and to help people revenge, can’t send all the criminals to justice and make the world better, by having the Crime Files cheats you can get all the needed coins to get all the stars needed to start investigating other crimes at the same time and spread the peace all over the city.

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