Dark Story is an activity dream portable amusement, with a 3D MMORPG military craftsmanship and kungfu story. Dull Story started with an account of an unbelievable fiendishness wizard who desirous to extraordinary ace of military craftsmanship.

So he reviled all the military craftsmanship and kungfu world into insane and bedlam dreamland and arousing all phantoms and fallen angels to make a fiasco and confusion.

All experts and saints are welcome to prepare an incredible kungfu ability, investigate the wonderful dreamland and puzzling cell, and shape a cooperation to crush legendaryevil wizard.

Highlights :

[ FREE PK, blood will have blood ]

All bosses will conflict and fight with another saint in excellent dreamland, and getting more grounded is one of the optionsto get by in a FREE PK world. We should get more grounded and counter each PK.

[ Various Class of legends ]

All legends and experts may pick any of the class, for example, Sword, Blade, Lancer and Archer. Prepare together with other kungfu experts to wind up noticeably the champion and amazing.

[ Titan Transformation ]

Change and arousing to an awesome and effective Titan, to make saints more grounded. Change of Titan will depend to saint’s class.

[ Fashion and Glamor Costume ]

Gather all wonderful and exquisite outfit, not of for legends but rather additionally for weapons. Astounding, would it say it isn’t? There more your accumulation, the all the more capable your saints.



[ Wedding, discover your adoration here ]

Exhausting to be distant from everyone else? Discover your affection and get bond in wedding framework. Prepare and fight in exceptional prison with your sweetheart. Offer your valuable blessing with your couple to build your relationship.

[ A great deal of fun with the occasion and journeys ]

Join numerous occasions and missions around dreamland and prison. Annihilation all uncommon cell occasions and get a ton remunerate, to make your saints more grounded.

[ Never completion of furious war ]

A standout amongst the most energized includes in Dark Story is furious and exciting War of God and Demon. Players will be isolated in to 2 bunches which are speaking to God and Demon. Execute the greater part of your adversaries and crush foe’s statues to win the fight.

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