You will enter a cell and begin utilizing the correct spirits which the amusement is enabling you to begin picking between various spirits relying upon the mission trouble and issues and go there and utilize the spirits to get out the prison and demolish his military and his designs also, you are really sparing the world!

New Combat style!

The amusement has exceptionally straightforward controls which makes it simple to learn and enjoyable to play, at the correct corner there are few assaulting spells that you can use to begin battling with the spirits you will motivate the privilege to pick between three unique abilities for each soul you are playing with, you can play with in excess of 5 spirits at one missions so picking the quantities of the spirits relies upon the mission type, now and then there are missions that requires just a single soul which is hard incidentally, and at the center base there are the spirits faces so you can switch between them simple amid the battle.

Appreciate the sounds and exceptional 3d!

The sounds in Otogi Spirit Agents are made by well known anime performing artists; they were recorded in expert studios and conveyed to you, making you living the genuine spirits dream and activities it is some extraordinary thing on the off chance that you ask me!

Likewise the 3D illustrations are stunning they were splendidly framed, the maps configuration are unfathomable!

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Destiny Child

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