Psychological oppressors are arranging a gigantic strike on your territories. SWAT Team got the knowledge. As a tip top shooter, you are right off the bat appointed this counter fear monger mission under the basic circumstance.

Those psychological oppressors are prepared and once are specific, they for the most part are resigned troopers.

Fear based oppressors are supported by a few magnates and bear the cost of intense weapons. They seized pure natives who are requiring your safeguard! Insurance Duty of countries requires your activity!

Psychological militants have a contempt for government and fear mongers’ mind are loaded with fierceness. In what manner will you vanquish them in this counter-fear based oppressor war? Think about this amusement as an activity diversion, yet in addition take it as a mind diversion! It needs you to think and after that activity! World class swat, would you say you are prepared to battle?

Diversion Features



– Ultra sensible illustrations and epic impacts

– Custom-planned riddles and missions

– Different assault ability: shoot with weapon or cut with your blade

– 2 control mode: programmed strike and manual strike

– Distinctive Gameplay: third individual shooter diversion

– Tons of deadly GUNS and mortal WEAPONS

– Maps particularly covers distinctive areas: Big City, Misty Frost, Harbor, Secret Lab

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