1-What Is the Purpose of This Website?

We intend to deliver you with the latest updates about the games market, and give you free tips and a detailed guide about each game to help you with understand the games before starting to download it.

2-Why Do We Make Game cheats?

We are a company that is interested on making the gaming experience for reach player much easier and simpler, so we have hired a team of the best out there to start working on making them.

3-What Are the Security Insurances you will be providing me after using the Hack?

We usually send the generated in game purchases items as a gift right to your account from an anonymous account to keep things safe and secure.

4-Can I benefit from your website without using the Cheats?

You can start reading our games review.

5-How Can I Download the Cheats?

At the start of the game review, you will find the link right next to the description of the game.

6-Why I cannot Find the Game I’m looking for on Your Website?

Maybe it was not released yet, or it is in progress, just come back after few days and it will be right there.

7-Can I Suggest a Game to Your team to Cheats?

Of course you can and we will be happy about such a thing, just send your suggestions to our Email ”info@weadvance.org”.

8-How Can I Search for A Game?

We have added the search function at the top right corner to make things much easier for you.

9- Do I have to create an account to use the cheats?

No accounts needed for such a thing, you can simply start using it right away.

10-How frequently do you upload new games?

We normally upload 6 to 10 games per day, but we will increase that number in the near future.

11-what is the difference between game cheats and game guide?

Game Cheats are a tool that you can use and generate the in game purchases item, but game guide is a free content you can read to help you with playing the game and understanding it.

12- Do you make Cheats for the Android Platforms only?

No, we work on both Operating systems, the Android and IOS to serve as many players as possible.

13-Do you make games?

No we do not, we do make game reviews.

14-Can I Download Games from Your Website?

We do not post download links to games on our websites, you can simply visit the stores for such a thing, we will always mention the game’s link in the game review article.

15-how can I report a bug I have found on your website?

Submitting a ticket from contact us tab on the website, and we will be very pleased with such a thing in order to improve the website and make it much better.

16-is there an alternative dark theme to your website?

We are working on it.

17-how do I sign up for your website membership?

We do not ask for you to sign up in order to use and benefit from our website.

18-the download link is not working, what should I do?

You can report the bugs you have found on the report tab by submitting a ticket and it will be fixed in no time.

19- I cannot find my favorite game; how can I contact you?

You can send your favorite game to our email and our team will handle it as soon as possible, or as we mentioned above from contact us button.

20-Are you hiring?

Currently we are not hiring, but we will be looking for gamer writers very soon, since we are expanding our websites series so there will be always a free place for you at some point.

21-how can I subscribe to your website to receive the latest updates?

Just send your email to info@weadvance.org and we will keep you notified with every update.

22-why should I use your cheats?

We are not enforce you at all :), But we are considered to be on the top of the table that consists of the gaming websites, we deliver you with after download service that is online 24/7.

23-how do you profit from the website?


24- Are there any fees for using your service?

No we do not ask for any money since this is a nonprofit organization.