About Fury Fables
Embark on the thrilling and risky journey in Fury Fables!The forces of Darkness have converged upon the last bastion of humanity. Necromancers, dragons, demons, orcs and the evil-like have surrounded the defenders of good and are on the verge of birthing an age of darkness.In times like these, scriptures talk of a prophesized warrior, one who would appear during this great plight to bring hope to all.YOU are that foretold warrior!***Game Features***Hack and SlashReal-time combat and twitch gameplay bring you a wonderful feast of action-packed MMO role-playing game.



MULTIPLAYERCo-op Dungeons, 2v2 Arena and Guild war let you know that you will never be alone in this fury fable world!CASTLE DESIGNAbsolute unique feature of the game –design and build your own castle with variety of mechanism, obstacles and mercenaries to define your castle. Attack other’s castles to get epic loots!MERCENARYSelect and develop your mercenaries with different attributes and features to help you fight to defeat your fear and also the evil! OTHERS- Four careers, four destinies. – Skills combination.- Hundreds of dungeons are waiting for you to explore.- New dark world full of freak creatures and hellish bosses.- Nothing could be cooler than riding an fancy mount in the vast major city.- Not only amazing events but wonderful gifts and rewards EVERY DAY!

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