Geometry Dash World Cheats to Get Free Money & The Full Version


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Geometry Dash World was created and developed by the great RobTop Games, Geometry Dash World was released on 22 December 2016.


Geometry Dash World is an amazing quick game as you run fast, fly and flip with new monster and new soundtracks.

The game is now available for free to download at Google play on all the Android devices with firmware of 4.0 and up, although the game is available for free on the Appstore for all the IOS devices.

Just make sure to purchase the full version of the game if you liked it or you can always choose the easy way and get it for free using the Geometry Dash World Cheats to be able to do that, Here you can check the developer Twitter & Facebook pages too.

Choose and customize your character.

When you first open the Geometry Dash World, you will be lost because of the icons, there are lots of icons in the screen and we will discuss them all and try our best to illustrate them as much as we can, so the first thing you need to do that the Geometry Dash world tips tell you to tap on the smiley face in the middle of the device’s screen and choose and write your name and there is also the icon, you have got to choose an icon from nine different categories as the first one about smiley faces, the second one contains lots of spaceships, then the third category which contains wheels and bags of gold then there are the arrows and the weird shapes, so finally there are up to 100 and more different shape, you can also change your customized icon to the color that you like and choose from a decent variety of colors from more than 80 different color as well.

Unlock new shapes and colors.

However, there are shapes that you need to unlock, there is the silver locks and with that locks, you only have to unlock then in the full version of Geometry Dash world, however you can open them using the Geometry Dash world cheats and save and lot of time and energy as well as your money which is the most important thing, after that there is the golden lock which you can scratch the screen and it will tell you a weird message, and then it will give you a free reward of the icon,


The Geometry Dash World Practice mode designed especially for the players!

Start and begin to play the practice mode first because Geometry Dash World Is quite hard at the begging and you will need time to begin to get used to it and be a professional player, so be focused and play the practice mode before purchasing the full version of the game, however you can get the full version of the game for free by using the Geometry Dash World hack to get access to the full game with paying any real money.

The mystery of locks!

The golden locks varies from golden lock to another as you can tap randomly at any golden lock and it will ask tell you another thing so feel free to use the Geometry Dash world cheats to clear your mind and open any chest that your eyes get on, for examples, a golden one tells you to complete 10 user created levels in normal mode to unlock this icon, as another one says to you to collect 100 stars to unlock this icon, another lock asks for 200 stars and there are locks that even ask for much more than that as 1000 stars is needed, the color packs is also kind of the same deal with silver locks and golden locks and even bags of diamonds as the golden locks an ask you to collect 6500 stars to unlock a simple green color, so you have no choice but using the Geometry Dash world cheats to be able to complete the game with customizing and have the fun needed,

Another golden locks will ask to like or dislike 1000 online levels to unlock this color, as another golden lock in Geometry Dash world guide tells you that there is a hidden treasure is required to unlock this color, however the bags of diamonds tell you that there is may or may not exist a shop where you can buy this color so get access to the shop which is located at the left upper corner of your device’s screen and make sure to use the Geometry Dash world hack to get what you want for free as always.

The key master, trust me you do not want to come in here and you are not ready yet, this message is what you going to take if you tried to access the key master without have 50 diamonds you have to get them in order to enter, or you can bring him 5 keys and he will let you pass.

Game setting

The setting here in Geometry Dash World is quite a lot as you can create a new career mode through the first icon, you can also begin by a saved mode earlier, check on your quests and every 3 hours you will be given new quests as you complete them, and do not forget about the daily rewards as you receive and got to open two chests every four hours, and remember to get access to the Geometry Dash World shop, you can get the best shapes for you.


Use Geometry Dash World hack and enjoy the game.

Start the game by tapping on the icon shaped like a skull then proceed till the next map as you go to the toxic factory and end your journey there, remember and make sure that you have the full version through Geometry Dash World hack.



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