Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats now to obtain free gold coins and Gems!

Here we are again after the successful gamed Hill Climb we now happily present to you the Hill Climb Racing 2 with much more realistic graphics and much more fun as well, Hill Climb Racing 2 was released on 16 December 2016, the game was developed and created by Fingersoft  the same the awesome crew that made the first game.

Here you can find the weblink of cheats to free gems : http://topcheats.xyz/Hill-Climb-Racing-2

It is available now on all the Android devices with firmware of 4.2 and up.

It is also available on all the IOS devices.

The perfect way to introduce the game!

When you first start the game it will ask for the permission to access your gallery and your photos, however you can avoid that by using our Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats, then you will automatically start a race with three other bot players, once you finish the race Hill Climb Racing 2 guide will tell you to enter your nickname and to read their terms of service and their also privacy policy, once you finish these steps congratulation on your first achievement, you will be rewarded with a chest (you can use Hill Climb Racing 2 hack to get more gold than the achievements will ever give) with three gift in it, the first one ins a new paint for your car and a new hat called the Goth and 10,000 gold coins, remember that using Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats is your savior at such moments.

Challenging and beautiful game as the achievements will satisfy you!

There are lots of fun achievements in this game as you can open the achievements pages which located in the setting menu in the upper-right of the screen to see your progress and what have you done so far in the game, the first achievement is the one when you complete the tutorial in the beginning of the game which is called Qualify for racing, then there is the “warmed up” which you can unlock it by wining 10 different races, then you get the “Unstoppable!” challenging yourself by winning 100 different game races, then there is “Losing is for losers” which you can unlock it by wining 1000 different races then there are the “Nice cups” which you complete it by winning 5 cups, “How many cups is enough?” which you can unlock it by wining 50 different cups, “I need a new cup cabinet” and you can unlock as usual by wining 500 different cups, “All your cups are belong to me” and you can get it by wining 5000 cups, always be remembered to improve yourself and your car by using Hill Climb Racing 2 hack that will help through unlocking your achievements, then there is the challenger with you just send a challenge to your friend, and the Water run which you can unlock by driving for 10,000 meters.

Simple Game Settings.

You can now change your Hill Climb Racing 2 language whole of 11 languages of English, Deutsch, Francis, Italian, Espanola, Brazilian Pirogues, Polish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

You can also mute the sound effects and mute the soundtracks which is awesome by the way and view your current achievements and get access to your profile and join Hill Climb Racing 2’s Facebook page.

Use Hill Climb Racing 2 hack to upgrade your jeep and much more!

Remember to keep your car always up to date in favor of the car’s parts as you can upgrade your engine from 310 to 3112 power points and the max boost from 68 to 85 points just in one level, you can also upgrade your grip from 70 to 81 points for the first level for better traction and power delivery to the ground, then there is the suspension which you can upgrade from 44 to 50 damping points to lower the weight and for better shock absorption and to also improve the stability on high speeds and last but not least there is the AWD which gives 27 bonus points at the first level to help you with more car balance and power delivery.


Compete with your friends now in the online mode!

Tap the world cup button located in the upper-middle of the screen, it will tell you Hill Climb Racing 2 tips to be able to challenge online through the training section is which is must to enter the online tournaments, feel free to use Hill Climb Racing 2 hack for the cars needed to challenge your friends and to beat them easily.

Enter The Shop and Purchase Latest Gears Out There.

To get access to the shop tap the golden button located in the upper-middle of the screen, you will find a special offer which is always time limited, then you can buy from variety of bundles as the first one you get 100 Gems, and for the second one you get 300 Gems which is cup of gems, the you have the gems drawer which contains 800 gems within it, then the gems barrel with has 2000 gems, then a loaded car with 4000 gems inside or a house with 8000 gems but it too expensive to purchase however you can always choose the easy way and get our Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats to get those gems for free now!

The gold coins section begin with 10,000 gold coins that you can unlock with 100 Gems, then you have the chair of gold coins with has 22,000 gold coins on the top of it which you can unlock for 200 Gems, then you have the gold coins drawer which contains 60,000 gold coins which you can unlock for 500 Gems and the barrel of gold coins which has 130,000 gold coins which costs 1000 Gems then the same loaded car but with 280,000 gold coins this time and costs 2000 Gems, and last but not least there is the house that contains 750,000 gold coins which costs 5000 Gems and remember that you do not always need Gems to get those gold coins you can use out Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats to get free gold coins directly to keep you in the challenge.

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